Logos of Experience and Truth

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Beatific Vision of God


Etherius is the angel that has been guarding the gates to the entrance of Eden for an eternity. Having lost all sense of himself within this eternal realm, he sets forth to discover the meaning of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil alongside his once best and long forgotten friend, Lucifer, and Empyria, a lost love shrouded in the mystery of his heart. Traveling between Heaven, Hell, and Earth, Etherius uncovers the meaning of good and evil and its relation to humanity, while being led to his own truth within the universe inside and outside of his mind.



The goal of the mystical path is transformation. What this transformation is differs from one religion or tradition to another, but to change, to realize the self, to transcend the self, to achieve union of the personal self with the universal self, to experience eternity, the divine, God, are many of the purposes and goals of all mystical experience.

As varied as the goal of mysticism is, so too the path to genuine experience.


This book is one such path.



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