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Book cover for Lucifer Revealed

Lucifer. . .Satan. . .Devil. . .the great fallen dragon, father of lies, deceiver. Banished from Heaven for not bowing to the image of Man, Lucifer is separated from God for all eternity as he wallows in misery within the bowels of Hell. Or so it is said. . .


Hidden and lost among the stars in the dimension of Eden, Etherius, the angel guarding the gates into Paradise has lost all knowledge and memory of himself or his home in the Heavens during his endless station at the gates of Eden. He finally leaves his post and learns that the theft of the fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is the reason for the expulsion of the first humans Adam and Eve.


Knowing that humans contain within themselves a power the angels do not possess awakens Etherius from his endless slumber. He dares to leave Eden in search of his old friend Lucifer to learn of the worth of humanity, for the seat of all angels among the Hierarchy of Heaven are turned upside down if humanity truly possesses a God-like knowledge that the angels do not possess. Is he above or below the humans in the eyes of God? Angels came first and humans last, but do the last stand above the first?


As his journey of discovery unfolds Etherius will confront the similarity to his and Lucifer’s fate, each banished from Heaven with humanity as the cause and the question of whether this was the justice or punishment of God ever on his mind. The struggle to learn of the symbiotic relationship between angel and human is made all the more difficult as the knowledge of himself slowly emerges from the black hole in his mind and is only remembered as he strikes ever forward in questioning the reality God has placed him in and why, why is it so?




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