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Season 2

Episode 12 – The Death Experience
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Episode 12 - The Death Experience


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NDE: Near-Death Experience

An NDE or near-death experience is somewhat of an interesting definition considering many that have the experience say it is life-changing, me included. Being so near to death brings life or rebirth or renewal. It is a fact within nature all around and within us.


I cannot say this experience was a pure mystical experience for it was drug induced, though not intentionally. The psychedelic quality of the experience existed and/or was the medium to the Visionary experience yet considering the death aspect I’ve never been fully convinced it was solely psychedelic drug mysticism of some sort, again, especially because I had zero intention or motivation or training for such an experience.


Either way, I saw what I saw and will detail what was seen and how it was seen and much as I stated in the first episode, hopefully by providing such details the listener or reader will know that this experience was not made up in the creative sense but witnessed or endured as the ordeal found in the ancient mysteries.


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  • Time-skipping effects or feelings due to drugs explained a bit more (01:12)
  • The memory of my mind trying to process the hellish experience (02:24)
  • Attempt at describing the feeling of having been sacrificed to this infernal realm and being incapable of moving (03:02)
  • Television horror comes to life (04:37)
  • The moon transformed into the Skull of Death amidst the red sky (06:42)
  • When I knew and saw that Death was upon me (09:56)
  • My own thoughts create the experience of physical pain that leads towards death (11:08)
  • The first experience of feeling and hearing the esoteric teaching of Vibration (11:19)
  • Transitioning through a cloudy fog and then finding myself in space (12:58)
  • The Vision appears (13:36)
  • Description of what the Vision looked like (14:13)
  • The life review within the spinning rings of the Vision begins (14:33)
  • Being incapable of looking away from the Orb of Judgment (16:33)
  • Acceptance of this experience as being Death and Judgment and looking within the life review to see what it wanted to show me (16:47)
  • The childhood memories the spinning planet Saturn Vision showed me (17:35)
  • A pause in the life-review as acceptance and awareness seeps in (22:03)
  • The observer from the seat of the Self distinguishing itself from the mind and idea of self (23:36)
  • The Demiurge identified within (24:37)
  • Prayer of Repentance and the Light Shines forth (25:36)
  • Awakening in the land of the living once more (27:37)
  • The Mindstream tears through fabric of space to merge the internal and external experiences of the father (28:26)
  • Exiting and walking through the cold of the deepest circle of Hell (30:29)
  • The primary reason for spending so much time studying the mystical experiences and the mysteries before speaking about them (32:12)

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