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Season 3

Episode 34 – What is Creative Thought or Law of Attraction?
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Episode 34 - What is Creative Thought or Law of Attraction?


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The Power and Peril of Creative Thought: The Law of Attraction and the Spiritual Paradox

In this series of episodes, I’m diving deep into the concepts of creative thought, the law of attraction, and the secret, which are popular ideas in spiritual and mystical circles. These ideas suggest that through imagination, focus, meditation, and mental exercises, one can manifest their desired life experiences. We discuss the connection between these practices and the phenomenon of synchronicity, where unrelated events or thoughts align in one’s life. While these practices have been proven to work, the question remains: is it right or lawful to use them? We discuss the idea of being made in the image of God and the potential paradox that comes with it. While it may be possible to possess the power of God, there are penalties and consequences for tapping into this forbidden fruit. Stay tuned as we continue to explore these intriguing topics in upcoming episodes.




  • Creative Thought, Law of Attraction, Manifestation (00:23)
  • Experience of synchronicity can lead one to seek to harness it (02:49)
  • Don’t just ask if we could, but if we should (04:24)
  • What was the real Forbidden Fruit in Eden? (05:15)
  • True idol worship (06:36)
  • That our mind is equal to the Mind of God is the forbidden fruit (07:53)
  • Ego in the Gnostic Christian texts (10:00)
  • Microcosm and Macrocosm analogy (11:12)
  • Paradox of being made in the Image of God (12:17)

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