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Episode 03 – Beatific Vision and Stages
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Episode 03 - Beatific Vision and Stages


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Beatific Vision defined as True Mystical Experience

What is the Beatific Vision of God?  The first half of this episode will be technical definitions so we’re on the same page.  The second half is an overview of the life-altering, mind and habit destroying mystical experiences that the host believes he’s had over the past twenty years.


  • Deep dive into Beatific Vision; what it is and the traditional definitions surrounding it.
  • Struggles within the Christian religion and various theological ideas that are part of it.
  • Overview of the experiences the host has had that have either confirmed the invisible Kingdom of Heaven or confirmed his deep mental disorder.

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  • Definitions of Beatific Vision (1:45)
  • Variations to the mystical experience (02:50)
  • That having the Vision must be the goal in a Christian life (03:25)
  • Reading the definitions of Beatific Vision and Beatitude straight from the Catechism of the Catholic Church (04:33)
  • The Key Concept after reading definitions of the Vision (10:27)
  • A discourse on what Eternity is and how we can perceive it (10:57)
  • All time is the same time for God (13:17)
  • You enter the Kingdom of Heaven while still on Earth (14:50)
  • Personal struggles with the idea and goal of sainthood due to being married (15:59)
  • The struggles of abstinence in marriage and a mind full of desire as perceived barriers towards the spiritual goal (17:36)
  • What I witnessed as Holy Spirit was not what I’d been taught was Holy Spirit (18:37)
  • List of perceived stages and phases of the mystical and spiritual life drawn from the overview of my personal experiences (19:23)
  • Experience of death and the Descent into Hell (20:59)
  • When the break from New Age teachings occurred and the key teaching that sent me straight to Hell for instant chastisement (23:09)
  • 12 years in the Desert contemplating good and evil in the quest for True Faith (24:43)
  • The start of this experience is when I entered the Church and why I do not turn from her (26:11)
  • Transmutation and the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary (26:57)
  • The Lenten sacrifice in 2017 that led to the Ascension experience in 2018 (28:22)
  • Experience of The Vision of Divine Wisdom (29:14)
  • Experience of Enlightenment or Self-Realization (30:08)
  • Experience of Baptism by Fire as John the Baptist says will happen through Christ (31:22)
  • Experience of the Resurrection from the Dead (32:01)
  • Experience of witnessing the Apocalypse of the World in the Mind and Spiritual Rebirth (33:59)
  • Experience of the Day of the Lord, or the fullness of the Trinity in mystical experience (35:15)

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