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Season 2

Episode 17 – Dissolution Experience and the End of the New Age
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Episode 17 - Dissolution Experience and the End of the New Age


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The Dissolution of the Experience and Idea of Self-Divinity

The Near-Death Experience of punishment explained in episodes one and two of this season can be entirely attributed to drug use. The dissolution experience explained in this episode cannot.


If there is an experience that I’ve had that most clearly shows that there is some ground to the many and varied versions of occult, esoteric and new age teachings of how thoughts manifest reality, this is the experience; though not in the I won the lottery and am riding into the sunset experience, but rather the: God sent me to Hell for an eternal instant of punishment without any drugs to take me there kind of way. Be careful what you wish for as taught in several of the ancient myths and be careful what you read and most importantly believe, especially as it pertains to spiritual and invisible things, especially if it has to do with calling yourself divine.


I hope by listening or reading my example of idiocy that you will avoid such trap doors into the inner pits of hell as I found myself in on this day, long ago.


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  • The immediacy of this experience is what has terrified me (01:25)
  • How did this experience come about even after meditating and studying spiritual materials? (02:29)
  • Warning to the student to be wary of teachings that seem just a bit off (03:05)
  • Primary teaching that led me astray (04:13)
  • Theory of drug use and the mystical aspects of the Bible (05:57)
  • Piercing through via drug use is as Jesus states the robbers (07:00)
  • There are different rules for those that have seen and experienced, even if through drug use, versus the normal believer (08:51)
  • My attempt at describing what I thought of as self-divinity back when this experience occurred stemming from Jesus saying that we are like the gods (10:29)
  • Jesus teaches this only after he’s been tempted in the desert (12:35)
  • Diving deeper with a brief intonation of the Books of Enoch and what it says iss the reason for the Flood (13:25)
  • Some Old Testament stuff to talk about the belief level in spiritual powers in the ancient world and that they have still been passed on today (15:04)
  • My understanding of the modern idea of self-divinity and the pervasiveness of humans being called gods among the various traditions (16:20)
  • Contrasting the various polarities of this idea (18:27)
  • Describing how these types of teachings and thoughts brought about my downfall (19:26)
  • The subtle shift and change in my mental ideas mentioned earlier (21:15)
  • This experience occurred end of winter and beginning of spring much like the other experiences I’ve spoken of (23:19)
  • The Dissolution Experience begins (25:10)
  • Comparison to sleep paralysis, but instead, it’s thought paralysis (27:58)
  • As I fight the experience, a voice of chastisement responds (29:13)
  • The chastising voice speaks again (31:23)
  • Timeless and eternal moment of actual hellish punishment (33:16)
  • This experience dissolved away the idea or notion of self-divinity (36:10)
  • Explanation of this experience as a removal of the sensation of gravity (36:35)
  • Religious and scientific concepts merging within my mind (38:08)
  • Mythological understanding of this experience 13 years later revealed through a synchronous event while commuting to work (38:29)

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