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Season 3

Episode 21 – Podcast Restart
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Logos of Experience and Truth
Episode 21 - Podcast Restart


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A Restart of the Logos of Experience and Truth Podcast

This episode restarts the podcast with a new shorter, streamlined episode format. I will be focusing on a single subject per episode that will make the dense material surrounding the mysteries and mysticism more accessible.





  • Style of previous episodes was to establish credibility (01:21)
  • Remained skeptical of my own experience due to it being induced by drug use (02:36)
  • Primary question of how is a mystical experience different if it occurs from drug use or is religiously or spiritually induced without (02:57)
  • Needing to adjust my podcasting style due to personally wordiness (05:19)
  • Seeking to answer why studying the mysteries can be important to somebody (05:34)
  • These teachings are how one unlocks their own mind and potential (08:15)

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