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Season 3

Episode 43 – The Narrow Path of the Transfiguration
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Episode 43 - The Narrow Path of the Transfiguration


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The Transfiguration Experience: Embracing Mental Equilibrium

Unlock the secrets of the mystical vision and embark on a spiritual journey as we explore the concept of the narrow path mentioned by Jesus in the Bible. We’ll uncover the symbolism in the Transfiguration experience of Jesus and the apostles, diving into the balance between the logical and emotional mind, represented by Moses and the prophets.


Get ready to delve into the importance of achieving equilibrium between the male and female aspects of the mind and grasp the significance of mental alchemy in finding the narrow path. By understanding these profound concepts, we’ll shed light on how they relate to eternal life, or the fullness of life. This enlightening conversation is guaranteed to deepen your understanding of the mystical experience and vision and inspire you to explore your own spiritual path.




  • Does the Narrow Path mean more than just being a Christian? (01:37)
  • The Narrow Path versus the Buddha’s Middle Path (03:23)
  • The left and right side of the brain (06:09)
  • What the Apostles on the mountain is symbolizing (11:32)

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