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Season 3

Episode 33 – What Exactly Does Meditation Achieve?
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Episode 33 - What Exactly Does Meditation Achieve?


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Navigating the Labyrinth of the Mind: Meditation and the Quest for the Authentic Self

In this episode, we explore the elusive nature of meditation and its role in helping us unlock our understanding of the mysteries. Despite being a widely practiced and recognized technique, it’s difficult to pin down exactly what meditation is. We discuss how meditation is often tied to physical aspects and practices, and how it serves as a path towards experiencing the mysteries. We delve into the modern idea of mindfulness and how it is an attempt to secularize meditation, even though it has existed in various forms throughout human history. We also touch on other practices like yoga and the ancient Eleusinian mysteries, which similarly led to experiences of revelation or “gnosis.”


The crux of the episode revolves around the purpose of meditation – to help us find our true, authentic voice amidst the cacophony of influences in our modern world. By practicing meditation, we can carve out our true self from the voices of the world and achieve self-realization, which is what the mysteries are all about. Don’t miss this thought-provoking episode, as we journey through the practice of meditation and its goal of helping us find our true selves.




  • Beyond physical aspects of meditation (00:23)
  • Meditation is a path to mystical experience (01:53)
  • Secularization strips away the mystical reality of meditation (04:10)
  • Diversity of paths towards gnosis (05:02)
  • The purpose of meditation (06:25)
  • The existential question of self in modernity (08:51)
  • Carving out one’s true voice (09:47)
  • Self-realization is the goal (10:37)

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