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Episode 20 – The Veil of the Unknown
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Episode 20 - The Veil of the Unknown


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Piercing Through the Veil of the unknown

The Bible states that at Christ’s death the veil to the temple was torn asunder. Though dramatic when viewing this in light of the claim of Christ being the rejected Son of God and this moment thus confirming His royalty, there is a deeper more mystical meaning behind this. There is a boundary buried deep within our mind that separates the known from the unknown, the physical/external and the invisible/internal, the chasm that separates Man from God. Entering into this boundary is the essence of mysticism, was and is the goal of both the ancient and modern Mysteries and the accomplishment of this merging of the duality of the internal and external, the microcosm and the macrocosm, body and mind, conscious and subconscious, even if it only occurs for an instant is what brings about the mystical experience and shows the Beatific Vision of God to the individual.


But the veil must be removed, and it only occurs when Jesus dies on the cross or when we’ve died to ourselves to allow for the spiritual rebirth within. Many know of what I speak but how this is accomplished is difficult to convey. This episode will focus on the types of thoughts and the method of thinking and questioning that occurred during this time period that led to the drug-free mystical experiences I’ve spoken of across these 20 episodes of Season 1 and Season 2 of the Logos of Experience and Truth Podcast.


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  • The exercise of writing and speaking of these experiences is like the life review discussed in the near-death experience, just now in reality-land and not in some mystical experience (01:13)
  • Near-death experience in 2001 created a nexus point of thought and the next experience in 2018 shifted that center of gravity into the new (03:22)
  • Questioning and positing the cyclical nature of the mind and its seasons especially if no external or internal stimuli has triggered it (04:06)
  • Conspiracy material I’d been exposed to (Flat Earth Theory) and was contemplating during the time of the mystical experiences in 2018 (06:05)
  • Contemplating the lies purported in a conspiracy theory are meant to stimulate your mind to see the lie of the illusion of reality automatically created by your brain, what neuroscience calls simulation (06:44)
  • Stance on such conspiracy or alternative theories alongside one’s perceptions and beliefs if one can truly ask if they chose to believe in any belief that dwells inside of their mind or if the belief was slammed into their mind unawares (08:05)
  • The use of my stance on the Lotus position for meditation to illustrate the idea of whether or not choice determines a belief (09:01)
  • The use of the scientific concept of a paradigm to further illustrate this question of whether or not belief is actually chosen or implanted into the mind (10:19)
  • Do we believe consciously or is it subconscious? (12:43)
  • Next example of a paradigm of belief surrounding a more hot-button topic of abortion (13:14)
  • Another benign example using the Pepsi Challenge to further explore paradigms of thought and belief (15:09)
  • Further conspiracy material found online during this time period in 2018 (16:36)
  • Getting real after understanding that there are paradigms that exist in the mind and wondering how to change them (17:52)
  • The path Christ taught when it comes to paradigms (19:19)
  • Paradigms tend to create animosity or enemies of the opposing paradigm: video game wars used as an example (19:39)
  • The problem with paradigms of thought and beliefs is we think we’ve consciously chosen them all and thus assume our enemies have chosen their paradigms as well (21:19)
  • The venomous USA political media climate and the paradigms citizens exist in (22:28)
  • Challenging one’s paradigm or seeking to change it is difficult for it is like causing one’s own inner death (23:23)
  • Mysticism teaches one to identify the false self within and to find the real self but until one accomplishes this, the false self is seen as the real self (23:51)
  • To find God one must be willing to lose God (24:17)
  • Paradigm shift that occurred to me during this time was studying the Ancient Egyptian and Sumerian having never done so and causing a paradigm shift in my mind regarding religion and the mysteries (25:06)
  • Thor’s explanation in the Avengers of impermanence to speak on the paradox of duality (26:32)
  • Holding the paradoxes of duality in the mind are what pierce through the veil of the known and the unknown (27:32)
  • Remembering a video seen of Stanley Kubrick and the moon landing long ago (28:48)
  • Overview of the conspiracy topics considered regarding the moon and Flat Earth (29:34)
  • Using body/physical mysticism to make sense of the Flat Earth versus the Solar System ideas of the microcosm and macrocosm (31:35)
  • Clearest explanation of how merging the duality of the external and internal within the mind is what brings about the mystical experience of the Beatific Vision (33:54)
  • Using this mystery of the microcosm and macrocosm to explain a “reason” for Christ Incarnating physically (34:43)
  • You only see Christ in your mind when you realize that you only see Christ in your mind (35:25)
  • Mystical understanding of the Second Person of the Trinity (35:32)
  • There is no reconciliation between paradigms unless common ground is found (38:31)
  • The ultimate goal and hope and reason for the Logos of Experience and Truth website and podcast (38:43)
  • The image that unites each of these apparently different paradigms can be seen and studied at the logosofexperienceandtruth.com (39:40)
  • The current paradigm as determined after seeing the connection between the images of the Beatific Vision of God (40:57)

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