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Seeing Hell and Near-Death Experience

What happens within our mind if we start to see Death around the corner? Does the change in thought alter the mind and the perceptions of what is seen inside and outside?


This question is what began my journey into the Mysteries twenty years ago along with what is called the Near-Death Experience that followed.


Season 2 follows a more or less chronological order through ten episodes detailing my brush with death, what was seen within it, the interpretations that came afterwards and experiencing this great mystery up to my most recent mystical experience explained in the first episode of Season 1.


If you’ve pondered of death, pondered if there is judgment or forgiveness at death and what such an experience looks like along with the changes that it can potentially enact within a person, then listen to Season 2 of the Logos of Experience and Truth Podcast and continue down the rabbit hole of the Mysteries.


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  • On Death (00:32)
  • Seeking answers to the question of Death was the path (01:39)
  • This Season contains my experience of Death and Hell (02:48)
  • Further overview of the contents of the Season (03:02)
  • Hope of spiritual growth for the listener of my tales (03:49)
  • Invitation to listen to Season 2 (04:13)

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