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Episode 06 – The Image of God
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Episode 06 - The Image of God


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What exactly is made in the Image and Self of God?

With what is most likely our Self and the Self of God in the Logos or Christ analyzed and identified, the next logical question is asked: How is our self like the Self of God if we are made in the image of God?


  • Dense material that spans across the gender of mind, against Sola Scriptura, what a mystic seeks and answering a very important question to any listener of these types of subjects: Why should I care to pray or meditate? What do I get out of it?
  • I make pains to explain how and why I’m not a heretic even if I speak on very esoteric ideas and concepts that make me sound like a heretic.
  • Second attempt at a guided meditation with the goal of showing a listener how they are like God in a particular way.

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  • The true mystical esoteric knowledge of gender, or male and female, is that these texts are referring to the gender of the mind itself (01:01)
  • Catholicism and Protestant talks (02:12)
  • Sola Scriptura not making any sense to me (04:22)
  • The mastery the mystic seeks (05:14)
  • The blessing of the Vision does not mean the work of bettering oneself is completed (06:41)
  • The constant push that the inner voice of conscience gives us to dive deeper into following the Will of God (07:33)
  • Why should I care about meditation or prayer? What do I get out of it? (08:20)
  • Clearing up some misspoken historical facts from a previous episode (09:41)
  • All Saints Day and further discussion on the Eternity of the Kingdom of Heaven here now and prayers to Saints beyond the threshold that separates (11:19)
  • Sociological reality of all cultures having some type of death ancestor prayer or worship (14:32)
  • My plea to the Christian community that I’m no heretic, even if many of the things I speak of sound heretical with verbal confirmation of Christ being Lord (15:39)
  • Further discussion on the comparative similarity between creation story in Genesis and the Trinity in Heaven (17:11)
  • How are we made in the image of God? How can we show we are like God in some way considering God is unfathomable? (18:36)
  • Second attempt at a guided meditation to show in a way how we are like God and made in His image. This takes up the rest of the episode (20:13)

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