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Unlocking the Mysteries of the Beatific Vision of God


This section explains the various ways the Beatific Vision is shown throughout the world’s various tunnels, staircases and labyrinths, and shows that the same spiral image permeates them all.



I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t watched season two or three of Westworld.  Well actually, I watched the first episode of season two and for some reason was instantly turned off and didn’t like the feel of where it was going within like ten minutes, so I stopped watching and haven’t gone back to it.  But season one basically explains the myth and or riddle of the labyrinth and its symbology and meaning even explaining the finding of God within one’s mind when the Anthony Hopkins character explains the shape surrounding God in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel as being in the shape of the brain.


Since I never read the book or watched the old Yule Brenner version of Westworld, the movie, I don’t know how prominent the labyrinth motif is or continues or if that’s an invention of the show, or what the deeper motivations of the Ed Harris man in black character are regarding his obsession to understand and or search for the key to the labyrinth.  But again, the Anthony Hopkins character explains it as an inner path towards finding one’s consciousness for the androids in the show.  But as the watchers of the show, or the visitors of the park: the characters in the show itself that visit the park, but also our own mind as the viewers of and visitors in the park within the world of the show, that if we find the quest of the labyrinth in the park it’s supposed to trigger in our mind the same feeling and quest of discovery to understand the labyrinth within our own selves.


But the man in black represents the negative version of this desire for entering into the park in this show and or learning of the labyrinth or experiencing the mystical vision and what awaits when it occurs.  And this has been depicted in other works as the mad scientist, or the evil magician, or as described later on, Thanos in the Marvel movies and comics just as Darkseid in the new Justice League movie and comics.  And again, this usually occurs when one has had a taste of this inner reality and or power and desires more or desires to retain it and not lose it.  Yet the way to more, or at least the real more or the eternal more, is to no longer desire it; or losing one’s life in order to find it and all those little sayings that I’ve tried to illustrate regarding knowing where on the path one is on and all the errors that occur when one doesn’t know where on the path they are on.  Or as Ram Dass explains in the beginning of his book, “Be Here Now,” when one receives that initial taste of the Awakening experience of truth, they should curb their enthusiasm of thinking they’ve reached the summit of enlightenment or have become gods especially if the peek into the unknown has come about through drug use because in truth, one is standing at the bottom of the Mount of Purgatory and hasn’t even begun the long arduous climb through the Desert of the Soul of the Narrow Path towards the summit, or Christ.


If it isn’t clear yet or if you didn’t watch Westworld since it is a pretty graphic HBO show, the labyrinth is and represents our mind.  Though obviously the physical look of a labyrinth looks like the physical brain itself as well.  This is or at least should be, what is symbolized by the labyrinth prayer in Catholicism, though I’ve read other Christian denominations using it for prayer as well.


By knowing this is what the labyrinth symbolizes, somebody that’s at least familiar with the myth of Theseus should be able to decipher its inner hidden meaning now, and even going further might even be able to decipher the myth of Daedalus and Icarus as well.  As I’ve said elsewhere, I don’t see myself as an expert in symbology, or myths, so there are other resources online regarding the super depth of what everything in the Theseus myth represents.  Probably too much detail, but detail, nonetheless. . .

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