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Season 3

Episode 42 – What is Received from Thought Manifestation?
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Logos of Experience and Truth
Episode 42 - What is Received from Thought Manifestation?


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Unlocking the Secrets of Manifestation

Discover the mysteries of manifestation and creative thought as I share my personal experiences and delve into the fascinating world of the law of attraction in this episode of the Logos of Experience and Truth podcast. Find out how these concepts differ from the miracles performed by Jesus in the Bible, such as the miracle of the two fish and five loaves and ponder whether there is a connection to the practices of alchemy and transmutation, like turning lead into gold. Join me as I examine the differences between manifestation and more traditional spiritual practices like prayer and recount my own intriguing experiment with meditating on manifesting a million dollars and a Porsche SUV. Could there be a spiritual algorithm at work on the Internet? Moreover, we’ll explore whether mental manifestation alone is enough to bring about your desired results or if it demands physical action or prayer. Tune in and be inspired to contemplate these thought-provoking ideas and how they may apply to your own life.




  • The power of creative thought (00:23)
  • Power of imagination (03:20)
  • Visualization meets reality (06:34)
  • Seeking understanding in manifestation (10:53)

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