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Episode 04 – The Indescribability of God
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Episode 04 - The Indescribability of God


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Paradox Describing the Indescribability of what is Indescribable

Tear the veil off your mind by seeing how the mystic sees. Pierce through the illusion of maya, the illusion of the Matrix in your own mind with Christian, Gnostic, Buddhist and Neurological understandings to see the truth of the human condition of thinking and consciousness. Regain control of your mind by learning what is and is not your mind.


  • Getting tongue-tied at the impossibility of describing that which is beyond being described (God), and what that means exactly.
  • Use of neurological, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist terms to describe the difference between the mind and world of form and the mind and Kingdom of Heaven.
  • Why does Jesus repeatedly say the Kingdom of Heaven is all around us but yet is not seen?

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  • All that have had such experiences say they are impossible to describe (00:55)
  • Paradox occurs with idea of impossibility to describe (01:32)
  • This episode is meant for the skeptic, atheist, neurologist to understand with precision what true spirituality and mysticism are about (02:41)
  • What is seen and experienced through the senses if it is filtered by the brain? (03:52)
  • Alchemy is the precursor to Chemistry (05:54)
  • Optical experiment to begin peeling away the nature of the mind (07:34)
  • Results of the optical experiment (09:15)
  • The illusion, or maya of what is perceived as reality (11:01)
  • Know Thy Self (12:18)
  • Attempt at something like a guided meditation to further peel away the layers of what we think is our self, versus what really is the Self (13:06)
  • Summary of the meditation and mystically calling the entire brain-nervous systems of neurological creation in the mind as the World Mind (22:37)
  • Whatever mind is, mind is the most likely and probable candidate for what is truly our self (24:03)
  • The deeper religious/spiritual understanding of mind is not different from science, it’s just been called the Soul (24:54)
  • Law of Conservation of Energy proves afterlife as long as the self has been identified as whatever neurological mind is (27:28)
  • Pre-existence versus reincarnation (28:45)
  • Thanks to science for proving life after death! (29:17)
  • Breakdown of worldly mind versus Kingdom of Heaven mind and the difference being the leap of faith beyond thought (29:53)
  • The Tower of Babel myth seen with new eyes (32:34)
  • Have you ever had your own thought beyond the Matrix? (33:34)
  • What exists prior to the system of symbols we call language? (35:50)
  • True goal of meditation as St. John of the Cross worded it (36:25)
  • You do not see the Kingdom of God (37:30)

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