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Season 2

Episode 14 – The Conscious Spiritual Journey
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Episode 14 - The Conscious Spiritual Journey


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The Spiritual Journey Begins with an Open and Conscious Mind

The royal art as it was called in the ancient world included many different areas of expertise ranging from astrology to memorization of prayers or incantations to the alchemical art of transforming one substance into another.


The true transmutation occurs in the conscious mind versus the traditional lead into gold external idea and this episode focuses on this underlying and explicit concept and the actions taken that helped to formulate the new internal spiritual gold as I transitioned from the state of mind and being that I lived and existed in and through prior to the near-death mystical experience, and then by the process of mental transmutation transitioned into the mental state after having the experience that was one of being one in and through a spiritually minded lens and life.


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  • Displaying the strange intermingling of linear and cyclical time through these podcasts and the similar themes that reoccur through the span of my spiritual experiences and lessons (01:24)
  • The reader in me from youth returns in full force with the mind now freed from the addictions of drugs and alcohol (04:07)
  • Esoteric principle of transmutation as it pertains to shifting out of an addiction of an unwanted habit, like smoking weed, into a desired one (05:56)
  • Using modern science and neurological ideas alongside transmutation of thought states (07:25)
  • The aftermath of the near-death experience and the need to study what the experience meant, in particular the study of God (11:27)
  • The purchase of the Bible and the incompetence of being Christian and yet not knowing the differences between Catholic and Protestant Christianity and the purchase itself signaling the path that would follow (12:22)
  • When and where the Gnosticism interest came into play while purchasing my Bible (17:04)
  • Synchronous event that helped push me towards the study of many religions and spiritual ideas versus a solely Christian one while not having the slightest idea of what Synchronicity actually was (19:24)
  • Laying the foundation in the mind by reading the Bible even if understanding it wasn’t fully there yet (24:26)
  • My earliest attempt at reading the Gnostic works and getting lost in the concept of Aeons (25:37)
  • How reading Dante opened up my mind to the memories of its own existence before being blinded by smoking weed (27:07)
  • My first conscious meditation triggered in one of Dante’s circles of Hell that brought about an examination of conscience that is compared to the hypothesis of what is potentially seen during a mystical experience (28:40)
  • An attempt at a theory of what is shown during a mystical experience (31:15)
  • College course that told me I had to dig deeper to understand the near-death experience since I couldn’t answer how it could point to God without the use of the drug that had been the catalyst for the experience (33:20)

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