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Unlocking the Mysteries of the Beatific Vision of God

Ancient New World

This section explains the various ways the Beatific Vision was shown, depicted and described throughout the many known and unknown centuries of the Ancient New World.



Unfortunately, I don’t think I have very much new material for this ancient New World section.  Much of what pertains to the current native and shamanistic time, practices of the world and symbology of the mystical vision and experience, apply as well to the Ancient New World.


I think I’ve already mentioned my deficiency in learning and reading of the myths of the world beyond the classical and the ones of the Americas fall under that general category.  I recently updated my copy of the Popol-Vuh and bought a collection of Meso-American myths so that I can dive into this further once my dipping into the Hellenistic world of pre and emergent Christianity is complete.  It’s not that I haven’t read the Popol-Vuh already or heard the tales of many of the other Mesoamerican myths, I just haven’t drilled them into my mind as thoroughly as I’d like.  Yet in the search for the mystical vision in what I have read and could remember through meditation I can already see the symbol for the Beatific Vision of God present and will show this further.  But again, this section runs alongside the Native and Shamanistic section.


When I was a child and first began my interest in classical mythology my parents had both already left the Church, and neither were all that interested in the ancient myths and or stories of the natives of their countries.  Not that they didn’t have feelings or stories for them.  My dad for instance said that as a child he and all his friends growing up in Guayaquil, Ecuador knew there were some secret caves somewhere in the mountains where all the Incan gold had been hidden from the Spaniards.  Also, when I went to the pyramids in Tikal, Guatemala with my mother and grandparents, even though she enjoyed seeing and experiencing them, the only comment that I could remember her asking or expressing was regarding the barbarity of human sacrifice the Mayans eventually practiced and that this was all she could think of regarding her ancient ancestors—even as we were surrounded by their pyramids and structures.  This obviously left its mark upon me.


I think I will primarily explore this concept and element since it pertains to basically all religions and or civilizations as I’ve tried emphasizing regarding the slow deterioration of the original spirit of knowledge, wisdom, revelation that is given, granted, blessed, found, reached by one entering into the mystical state and bringing back what is seen, heard and given to the people.


What I will do is read just a few of the opening paragraphs of the creation accounts in the Popol-Vuh since immediately, if you’ve been following any of the other sections in this website of the Logos of Experience and Truth and have already seen the pattern and the symbol of the mystical experience, you will instantly recognize the language in this text to be of the highest order of mystical vision and revelation.


Though I originally recorded myself reading the opening account of the Popul Vuh, I have had to redact that and re-record the following due to copyright issues, specifically at my not being able to obtain copyright permissions from either of the publishers of the two copies of the Popul Vuh I posses. . .

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