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Season 3

Episode 24 – What Is Logos?
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Logos of Experience and Truth
Episode 24 - What Is Logos?


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What is the Definition of Logos?

I provided an episode in Season 1 on the Logos of God, and this is a shorter refresher on the concept. I say the word at the beginning of each episode, and it deserves time spent defining and explaining what it is and what I’m referring to. In my mind, it helps bring one closer to God since it helps one to understand Christ in His eternal being and Self.




  • Technical definition of Logos (00:59)
  • Method and meaning I’m using when I say the Logos (01:52)
  • Brief synopsis of my book “Lucifer Revealed,” and how it relates to getting past Problem of Evil in theology (03:10)
  • Theology can cause one to focus on the wrong things as it did me (05:15)
  • Years wasted contemplating the problem of evil got me no closer to God (06:32)
  • Understanding the spiritual Christ, Logos, is what freed my mind from the problem of evil (07:20)
  • The search for spiritual alchemy (08:06)
  • Understanding Logos within ourselves allows us to understand it in God the Father (10:11)
  • Deciphering the inner voice goes hand in hand with understanding Logos and knowledge of the self (11:37)

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