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Season 3

Episode 40 – Gnostic Manifestation in Marvel’s Scarlet Witch
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Episode 40 - Gnostic Manifestation in Marvel's Scarlet Witch


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A Gnostic Perspective on Marvel's Scarlet Witch and the Law of Attraction

Discover the hidden dangers of the law of attraction as we delve into the character of Marvel’s Scarlet Witch and her representation of creative thought gone awry due to the absence of her male counterpart, Vision. We’ll also connect this intriguing character study to the deeper mysteries of gender and the Gnostic myths of Sophia’s creation without her other half.


Join us for an eye-opening exploration of the mysteries, as we analyze the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s portrayal of the emotional mind and its potential for destruction when unbalanced. Learn how the ancient concepts of gender and the male and female qualities of the mind tie into Wanda’s actions in the Marvel movies and television shows, offering valuable insights into the importance of harmony and balance within ourselves when using the law of attraction and manifesting thought. Don’t miss this thought-provoking episode that will leave you with a deeper understanding of the powerful forces at play in both our minds and the world of Marvel superheroes.




  • Exploring manifestation and the mysteries of gender and mind (00:23)
  • Marvel mysteries of the Scarlet Witch (02:56)
  • The Scarlet Witch and parallels to Sophia’s descent in gnostic myth (05:16)
  • Scarlet Witch and the perils of unbalanced manifestation and thought (07:28)
  • Balancing mind and emotion to avoid the pitfalls of manifestation (09:51)

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