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Knowing Thyself is the Goal of Season One

Know thyself. This concept is what permeates almost every episode in the first season of this podcast. I talk about many things during these ten episodes, but I speak constantly on the self, the false self and what the Self of God is. The true mystic uncovers answers to these questions during their experiences. It takes time to fully grasp the concepts but once grasped, they can be shared. I am sharing what I have discerned with you now.


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  • Know Thyself (00:17)
  • How do I know what is myself? (00:37)
  • Is my mind my own? (00:50)
  • Why Season One is so dense with material (01:20)
  • Challenge of thought being made manifest (01:54)
  • Episode 4 is when I feel I start talking and not reading (02:15)
  • The Keys to the Self found in the episodes of Season One (02:32)
  • Pascal’s Wager and the keys to the self (03:00)
  • If no God, you at least found yourself (03:15)
  • Thanks to early listeners of these dense episodes! (03:29)
  • I recommend new listeners to listen to 10 Episode Summary (03:42)
  • I recommend podcast pages found in descriptions as well (03:51)
  • You may miss out on important details that arise later if you skip around (04:23)
  • Is your goal learning how to change the mind? (04:36)
  • Changing your mind is what the Mysteries are meant to accomplish (05:03)
  • Jesus calls the snake wise? (05:12)
  • Foreshadow of Season 2’s episode content (05:33)
  • Foreshadow of Season 3’s episode content (05:59)
  • 50 new episodes incoming so subscribe! (06:28)
  • Benefit of listening to Season One entirely (06:34)
  • Key teaching and lesson God has put me on this Earth to learn and share with others (07:03)
  • The Secret to Manifesting through the Law of Attraction (07:33)

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