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Podcast Transcript - The Conscious Spiritual Journey

If you’re catching the rhythm of this season of the podcast, it’s very sequential. I spent a great deal of time plotting out my database of spiritual journal writing and note taking in a sequential manner with these eventual podcast episodes in mind. I personally find great value in seeing the various steps along the path, the experiences that stimulated or blocked growth, along with the decisions made that furthered me along my spiritual journey. I hope that you find value in this as well, especially as we move along, and you start to see more of the cyclical nature of time alongside the linear method of seeing time that I’m plotting out for you. Many of the things I’m speaking about right now return in the future and were already mentioned in summary in Season 1. Many of the things I began to learn and assimilate into my mind at this early juncture, mature and return in full knowledge in the future. Many of the things I read but did not understand at this point, are revealed in full in the future. So just as I stated in Season 1, that I had a mini-revival ten years ago where the mysteries returned and were attempting to penetrate my mind further, though I was not ready for it at the time, they all returned again cyclically, in almost the same exact patterns and symbols seven to eight years later. The same applies to many of the things I saw and experienced from this early time period that I’ve called the Awakening Experience and the Expansion of the Mind.


I obviously can’t run through absolutely every single experience I would now come across, but I will do my best to at least speak about the primary ones. And what I mean by primary ones, are the ones that cyclically returned in the future with greater force of understanding and revelation regarding the depth of the mysteries as they existed in the ancient world when I’ve spoken regarding classical mythology, but also the Christian world after classical mythology. I’ve already given a snippet of it in describing my near-death death experience and that for some reason I slept for three days afterwards and how strange and what does it mean and how does it match the time frame found in the mysteries of Jesus the Christ, but I will work through more of these other mysteries to delve into these philosophical and theological concepts further.


But I will still speak about these things in a linear fashion. I’ve already plotted it out in a general timeline since I can’t remember the exact dates for some of them, so the way my mind has typically worked throughout my life is based on my geography. Though I wasn’t a military kid, I was moved around like a military kid, and the way my mind has framed experience A or experience B is based around the years I was living in apartment or house X, or apartment or house Y. So, each of the next several experiences that we’ll dive into all occurred after the near-death death experience end of March, beginning of April 2001, until I left West LA in the summer of 2002.


If the near-death experience was the snowball that hit me over the head, what transpired over the next year to year and a half was the avalanche that followed. I was never a competitive kid or person. Or rather, I lost interest in competitive type activities that kids get into because it didn’t seem like my parents cared at all, and so I stopped caring about such things as well. But in the third grade I won a contest for the most books read. I mentioned somewhere that in the third grade I read the Odyssey front to back even though I didn’t understand everything I was reading, but the words entered through my eyes and into my sub and unconscious where they were stored, nonetheless. Once Mary Jane entered into my life in the eighth grade, I would say I lost this part of myself, along with love of learning music, which is weird since most musicians that do drugs gain the music through the drug use, where I stopped caring about and playing the piano when smoking weed entered into my life. But I also said that I’ve never considered myself an addict since I would periodically stop everything I may have been doing at will, instantly, to finish a paper or study for a test so I’d still from time to time go through spurts of reading. Summertime was when this would happen to the greatest magnitude since not having access to buying the drugs or hanging out with friends throughout the day that wanted to steal liquor or smoke weed, my mind would return to itself and this always led to heavy bouts of reading over the summertime for me, when hordes of other kids wanted nothing to do with sticking their noses into a book. If you haven’t noticed yet, even after thirteen episodes, I was and am weird like that. It’s also why I hated school so much. I never felt like myself while in school. It was only during the summertime when I was out of school that I felt like myself once more.


Freed now from the influence of hard drugs, freed now from the influence of marijuana, freed now from the influence of alcohol even, my mind needed to find an outlet. And find an outlet it did in reading like a madman, once more.


While we’re on the subject still, before moving forward, I said in a previous podcast that playing video games was the lesser of two evils, but that I’ve wondered if maybe it wasn’t considering how long it took to break that habit compared to breaking the bud smoking habit. This is when it took place. If you don’t understand transmutation, or don’t understand in a scientific sense, chaos versus order, or the principle of entropy, at least as it pertains to your own self, to your own being, and not just in an external universal sense, let me touch briefly on that here as it pertains to obsessions or addictions. . .

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