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Podcast Transcript - The Indescribability of God

Welcome back to these the discussions of the mysteries of the Logos of God.


After listening to the previous recording, I was struck with one of the paradoxes regarding mystical experiences and those that have attempted to describe them.  Or rather, that all say that it’s impossible to describe these things.  That these experiences and visions and things seen, are beyond words.


I’ve touched upon this on a few different occasions and figured let’s go ahead and dive into this deeply right now so that you can understand why, what, and how, the mystic or spiritual person that is at this stage deduces reality before, during, and after the mystical experience when one’s eyes to the truth are opened.  Because what the mystics have all stated is both true, that it cannot be described, and yet is not true, because obviously, we wouldn’t have much of a Bible or any other spiritual text from all of the other great religions without each of these visions that each and every prophet has had, spoken of, or written down for those future generations to see and decipher.  So, there must be something deeper, a deeper knowledge, a deeper understanding within this that either isn’t spoken of for the sake of the student or pupil as I stated previously, or not known by the mystic since they’re still in the aftermath of the Awakening experience and haven’t gone any deeper in order to understand.  Or that one is simply being complacent in what others have said instead of challenging it, which, if you’re listening to me now on this the fourth episode, perhaps you’re beginning to understand the manner and breadth in which I question and challenge the many different things I’ve read regarding such experiences in light of my own, primarily to understand just what the hell I’ve been experiencing for twenty years.


Thus, for the skeptic, or the scientist, or the psychologist, or the neurologist, or the agnostic, or the atheist, this episode will be of greatest importance to you to understand the point of view of a mystic, and thus the religious and spiritual even if the many individual practitioners and believers do not know this to the depths that I know since this is still part of the foundations of all religious, spiritual, mystical thought.  Perhaps this may even provide a key towards understanding the limitless depths of psychological and spiritual understanding that all religions have handed down to us over the millennia, and perhaps lessen this silly debate between science and religion.


For if you can see what I will try and show, see it as I see it, in as simple a manner as possible: namely, that the same tools used to decipher the universe that science uses today, the same tools or the same primary tool at least, was used throughout all of human history as it is now, regardless of what modern man and man across the ages through the use of their ingenious technology–the telescope and the microscope in particular–regardless of how science has seen the depths of the external or the depths of the internal, whatever the image is that is seen through that lens, that is potentially being seen, that image is still being filtered by the brain.  This means whatever the image that is seen is still being interpreted by the brain and presented to the conscious mind as the image of what is being seen in an automatic manner, the way in which our mortal image producing brain functions.


If you remember my theory, or my underlying purpose in doing these podcasts, in writing the works that I have written and beyond, it is to show that the human experience that has been experienced throughout all time that is called God has several key elements that are exactly the same even if they are shown artistically different by the works of those that have experienced.  This includes the secular or the scientific.  So, in time, I will show how even what has been, quote “seen,” unquote, scientifically, is still the same image that has been seen spiritually, religiously, mythologically even, and mystically.


It is my understanding and viewpoint that science seems to have forgotten it was part of the mystery schools of old.  In the school of Pythagoras for instance, which is ancient Greece like 500 or 600 B.C. or so, it’s written that he wouldn’t teach the greater mysteries of existence until one had mastered each of the physical sciences that were known and studied back then, in particular of course mathematics*, to which he is most known for in the secular world.


Modern science, chemistry in particular, seems to have forgotten its foundational roots in alchemy, which is probably a Western way of cutting out the contributions of the Muslims towards science that occurred during their golden age period, since they were alchemists: studying science in a spiritual manner. Alchemy, that spiritual scientific pursuit that even Newton pursued, the knowledge of which conveniently gets left out of any science classes’ discussion of Newton, I imagine in order to maintain the scientific status quo in the mind of the populace and future generations. . . Though I am just speculating.  Alchemy, or the art of turning lead into gold and as I stated earlier, the true alchemy of turning inner lead into inner gold, or the spiritual, for the spiritual is that which is eternal.  And if we look to the highest of the alchemist’s goals, the goal was to create the elixir of life or the philosopher’s stone.


To put it clearly as I see it, though science has attempted to remove God from its study of the universe, the mysteries still remain, hidden in plain sight in their findings, again, connected to all of religious and spiritual history by a single image that repeats itself, even within the secular sciences.


Let’s try to work through a bit of this now, in order to show you why I think in this manner, and what it has to do with explaining the paradox of describe-ability of mystical experience, versus the mystic saying it cannot be described.



Scripture texts in this work are taken from the New American Bible, revised edition © 2010, 1991, 1986, 1970 Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Washington, D.C. and are used by permission of the copyright owner. All Rights Reserved. No part of the New American Bible may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

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