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Episode 16 – Dreams and Dream Experiences
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Episode 16 - Dreams and Dream Experiences


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The Experience and Interpretation of Dreams

The Bible is littered with dreams of a high spiritual nature, dreams interpreted by those with a high spiritual acumen, dreams of portent, dreams to come and dream experiences of a high prophetic or mystical nature. To dream during sleep is human and to seek meaning from an activity we do for one third of our entire life is natural. Not everybody does so anymore in this day and age, but I’ve taken the effort of keep track of my dreams and have found them, every once in a while, to be profoundly spiritual and mystical. Let’s explore some of these dreams I’ve had and hopefully spur you to do the same if you don’t keep a dream journal already.


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  • Dreams and dream interpretation were worthwhile to explore in the Old Testament (01:31)
  • Old Testament minor prophets distinguished between dreams and visions as being different spiritual phenomena (02:17)
  • Mathematical calculation of the number of important dreams I’ve remembered and written on over a 20-year period (02:50)
  • First of the dreams discussed in this podcast episode, one mentioned prior in a previous episode that has to do with possible pre-existence, or at least why I think more in terms of pre-existence (05:22)
  • Second dream experience that spoke of the wheel or the chain of souls in this Earth-realm and the auric color of their bodily hues (07:22)
  • The color of these bodies that I saw reminded me of the color used in the depiction of some of the Egyptian and Hindu deities (10:19)
  • Third dream experience of either out-of-body or other beings holding me down (11:19)
  • Understanding this dream to be something attributed to the principle of Vibration found in esoteric works and the raising of one’s consciousness (13:42)
  • Comparing this dream experience to sleep paralysis (15:30)
  • Comparing this dream experience to the medieval succubus myth (16:03)
  • Fourth experience that can’t fully be said to be a dream since I’m not entirely sure what it was (16:39)
  • The mythological-like question asked by the woman on the phone in this mythological-like dream (18:19)
  • Fifth dream experience interpretation along with the second of my third stated healings performed, this one specifically a laying on of hands healing (19:55)
  • Example of a spontaneous healing from a book I’d read during this time (21:00)
  • Context of physical pain my future wife was dealing with at the time (22:11)
  • Further details of the laying on of hands to ensure there was no subconscious/subliminal stuff going on (24:13)
  • My future wife tells of her dream that was occurring as the laying on of hands was taking place without her knowing it (25:29)
  • Final experience spoken of in this episode and the last time I smoked any marijuana (27:27)
  • The humorous reason for me coming in contact with the Hermetical works (27:54)
  • Possible vision seen within and during a thunderstorm out in Las Vegas (29:40)
    Movie reference aid to this possible vision that was seen years later in a possible experience of synchronicity (31:10)

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