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Episode 02 – Jupiter in the House of Libra
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Episode 02 - Jupiter in the House of Libra


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Synchronous Sights Seen in the Zodiac Heavens

This episode follows the immediate events of the mystical ascension described in the previous episode.  Having never taken astrology in any meaningful way, the mystical vision seen, and the accompanying eye-opening dream forced me to question further.  


  • I dive into astrology and its relevance to a mystical experience.
  • Speak on my prior detestation to anything having to do with astrology as I explain the astronomical and astrological phenomena witnessed on the night of Mystical Ascension.
  • Interpretation of three different dreams in one night all centered around the concept of union.

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  • Understanding the destruction of the ego in one religion shines light on others as well (01:20)
  • How does doubting Thomas and the scripture fit into this Ascension experience? (03:37)
  • Regardless of teachings read and studied the Apostolic Church still remains my spiritual support (06:08)
  • Destruction of ego is the first step. Its reintegration into the personality through reconciliation comes next (07:28)
  • The experience continues in the physical realm (07:49)
  • My stance on astrology while looking at astronomical phenomenon with eyes opened (08:27)
  • Moving deeper spiritually requires turning away from the esoteric powers that appear to manifest to the practitioner (09:18)
  • A hidden truth within the spiritual quest explained through performance theory (10:48)
  • Astrology and Astronomy are not my thing (12:46)
  • The planet Jupiter in the Zodiac house of Libra (13:52)
  • Remembering the planet Saturn in my near-death experience in the year 2001 (16:01)
  • Waking up at 4am to write various dreams having to do with union (17:24)
  • Each dream reflected that mystical union had been blessed or achieved (19:56)
  • Synchronicity across fifteen years of journal writing (22:42)
  • Reading a journal entry from April 21st, 2009, that seems to hint at the current experience in 2018 (24:35)
  • The skeptical mind begins to analyze (27:38)
  • Meditation and the Mysteries help one change the mental state of victimhood into something else (31:52)

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