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Unlocking the Mysteries of the Beatific Vision of God

Modern Structures

This section explains the various ways the Beatific Vision is shown throughout Modern mega-structures and shows that the same spoked-wheel image appears in the domes of current structures as they did in the Ancient.



As its hopefully becoming obvious by this point, the symbol for this experience of that which is seen in the mystical experience or if we want to get secular, that interior place from whence creativity emerges, or that which creatives access to gain their creativity which somehow produces the exact same image and structure that is produced and used everywhere, is one in the same.


Now will I say that the architects for each and every one of these structures lacked belief and were themselves all atheists, or in the reverse, that they were all religiously minded persons and injected their knowledge of symbolizing into their works?  I obviously have no idea and much as the same vein as the KERN or CERN, however you pronounce it, facility, I tend to gravitate more towards that which exists between both ideas or both persons, the believer and the non-believer or the believers of different faiths.


The hard work of each of those involved in the design of said structures, painstakingly working through all of life’s struggles: emotional and mental, psychological, religious and spiritual trying to come up with how this structure they’ve been commissioned to build will look like; going through draft after draft, one after the other the emotional strain of doing this while still in the grips of all other life lived around the work performed, or essentially the walking upon the path, or the journey of the path to completion and success.  And then at some point, receiving an insight into how this thing should look once the submission of one’s will to the unknown occurs.  Creativity, inspiration, the Eureka moment, the mystical vision poking through if even for an instant or whatever it is you want to name it.  The fact that somehow even though secular and modern, each of these buildings have still come out looking exactly like the religious structures, ideas, artwork points to and or says that there is a common place from whence ideas spring, and for some reason the same pattern and ideas springs forth from this same interior spring or fountain regardless of culture, religion, gender, believer, non-believer, you name it.


It’s one and the same and this is why it produces one and the same image and pattern.  The structures made in the present still represent or emulate the structures that have been made in the past since the one thing connecting the past with the present as I have hopefully shown by now, is this interior place within from whence this emerges.  And you can name it as you choose to name it.


But it’s still the same path getting to it, regardless of the type of work that is worked.

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