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Delving into the Art of Manifesting Your Desires

Welcome back to the Logos of Experience and Truth podcast, where I continue to unlock the mysteries of the Beatific Vision of God for any of you listening out there interested in such topics as the mysteries, mysticism and in this, hopefully the last episode in this mini-series having to do with creative thought, law of attraction, manifestation and, for the most part, talking about the dangers of it, since I’ve never seen anybody talk about the dangers of it. What I will do in this episode is hopefully speak about either the positives of it or at least give some hint of the experience and some kind of analyzing since that’s what my mind is attempting to do when it comes to this of what is it, what does it bring and what is the differentiator in what it is and does and brings? I have mentioned it has to do with the polarity of your mind, whether you are pulling more towards the logical side of the brain or the emotional side of the brain, and if you are more towards the middle, meaning you are equalized when it comes to that. Also, basic studiousness, whether you are an apprentice or the mage himself or herself already, when it comes to this. How learned you are in it. But there is a difference between this . . . manifestation attempt, through thinking and prayer, blessing, miracle. And I am trying to discern the difference. I will work through a little bit of it here. Maybe you will also see the difference when it comes to it. Please drop a comment and we can dive deeper into this as a team or something like that, because I have mentioned in different episodes regarding Jesus saying if you believe, you could tell the mountain to move, and it will move. So, belief has a factor in this, beyond thinking, beyond feeling, and I mentioned in that episode that belief is a different kind of thought. It is kingdom of heaven type of thought, meaning beyond the mental faculties. It is a different type of thinking. Thinking without thinking, seeing without seeing. The difficulty, of course, is in reaching this state of mind, because you must traverse through the gauntlet of your own conscious mind and then through the gauntlet of your own subconscious mind to enter this state of miracle and belief. And it does not just happen every minute of every day.

That is one example. I also spoke in one of these episodes on Jesus feeding three or five thousand. I am so sorry I never remember the number of that one, but how the difference in that versus pure manifestation thought is He had a couple fish and a couple of loaves and somehow that is transformed into being able to feed more than what was there. Now he gives a prayer over it though. He gives a prayer, and it occurs, but there was something present. The other example that came to mind today because I have been trying to do the rosary again, today is Thursday, today are the Luminous mysteries, and the second mystery is the miracle at the wedding of Cana, where He turns water into wine. So, like the fish and the loaves of bread, something physical was already present. There was water. He says a prayer and it transforms it into wine. Now, there is an allegory in that. It is the same as alchemy. It is the same as turning lead into gold that you can read into the miracle at Cana, and I know I keep saying I am going to do a more in-depth episode on the rosary and the mysteries embedded in them, but this is one of the other ways of being able to look at that. The transmutation of water into wine is analogous to the transmutation of lead into gold. This is just the Jesus/Christian way of displaying this . . . this capacity, this capability of doing this. So, the difference, at least as I see it, is that there is something physical that Jesus is praying over and that is then multiplied.
I will give you a personal example. I am still trying to identify what brought this back into my mind. It was just because I needed to talk about it . . . whatever, I am not entirely sure, but I had come across some videos on YouTube. I did not watch them, and they were just in my feed. I mentioned that. I have never read these authors. I do not know if this is what they said or not, but the names that have kept popping up in my feed are Alan Watts and Neville Goddard or something like that. They must be older speakers on this type of topic, because it looks like they are free use on YouTube. I am not entirely sure. I do not know, but in one of the videos it had the guy . . . He was talking about when he was younger and he had gone and taken the lesson from this teacher, he was an older guy in this video. The guy explained this is how you do it, this is how you create, this is how you manifest stuff and he told him you got to imagine you’re climbing up a ladder and then tell yourself throughout the day that you’re not going to climb up a ladder and in a couple of days you’ll climb up the ladder. And so the guy did it and he’s like, yeah, you know, and I kept doing it, doing it, doing it, doing it and then he went and visited some family and boom, the dad is like asking him to climb up this ladder and hand him something and the guy talking about this is like . . . and there, it was, right. So, he manifested that into reality.

Because I’ve not done any of this stuff for a good year, year and a half after I had completely created a catastrophe into my own mind by utilizing the philosopher’s stone incorrectly, which is another of the reasons why I’m trying to give you all of this because I know how bad it can be and the only reason I didn’t drive myself crazy is because I know how to alchemize the mind. It just took a couple of months until I was able to really regain myself from what had happened, from my experimentation. I have mentioned before I do approach these mysteries, mysticism, meditation, all these different esoteric and traditionally occult things in a very scientific manner. I do not consider myself scientific, but I still consider the way I am going about this to be scientific. Anyways, I took what this guy had said, and I was like all right, well, let me do something. Because the whole gist of it was like yes, if you could manifest a ladder, then you can manifest a million dollars. So, I was like all right, let me go ahead and think about a million dollars, let me get a million dollars. And then I was trying to imagine, like a vehicle that I would drive. I have kids, so I need an SUV. I was like, well, what is the nicest SUV? Okay, it is that Porsche one. So let me imagine that. So, I sat there, and I did it for like ten or fifteen minutes or something, and then I remembered to do it again later in the day or something of the order. I am giving you this just to show you it works again. It does work. But what is it doing? How good is this working in your mind compared to my mind? Because it seems to only be mental. If all you are doing is focusing on something that is not present and it is purely mental, then what you receive is a purely mental experience, a purely mental manifestation that comes back to you, where in the Jesus example, if you pray over something, you are receiving something back. I do not know. It is weird. That is where my mind is going with this, and I think the differentiating thought in comparison to this thought manifestation and creative thought and law of attraction would be the other principle that is out there of gratitude, right? That the more you are grateful for what you have, the more you will receive. So, I think that would be the counterbalance if we are looking at the polarity of the two: one is at this end, the other is at this end, and they are the counterbalance of it.

Here is what happened. I meditated on that. Now, mind you, I did not put anything on the internet. I did not type anything, I did not say send me some emails about this or that, none of that kind of stuff. Right? I did not do anything. And about two days after I did this meditation and focusing, maybe three, because usually there’s three days . . . this is the whole three-day theory. I wake up, I go through my morning routine, I open my email and I have about fifteen spam, phishing emails on click here, you have won money. Click here, you have won money, potential money, money, money, money, money, money. I had about fifteen of these spam emails on money. So, boom, I had gotten the million dollars I had thought of in my inbox. Now I did not click on any because I know they are phishing things, but it is just . . . what triggered that to enter my email? I did not put my email in anything. I have never received emails like that before. I do not have these types of emails coming in. I had not received any of those types of emails yet somehow, I now got, and not just like one, I had like fifteen of these emails. You won $2,000. Click here for $10,000. Click here for potential $700,000. So, I am just saying, if I added it all up, it would be about a million dollars. So that was the morning. But what about this car? Right, I mean, I did not just get this car. Well, no, but at lunchtime we did not feel like cooking, and we went, and we got some boba to go along with our chicken that we got. And when I pull up to the boba spot and park, what is right next to my car? The exact Porsche SUV that I had envisioned. Black color even since I had envisioned a black colored one.

This manifestation stuff works. But what exactly are you receiving? All I got were emails showing the million dollars that I had envisioned, and I saw the car that I had thought about, but it was not somehow in my possession now at that point. But it had been a purely thought-based thing. So, I do not know, maybe if I go to the car dealership and put my hand over one and pray over it and say I want one of these, I will get it? I do not know. I have not gone that far in testing the difference between the two, but that is the experience that I had. So it was like the mental focus, the mental attempt at manifesting brought a mental manifestation, because I did not possess any of these things. But . . . does the algorithm on the internet work spiritually somehow? I will just throw that out there, because I typed nothing in, I did not put my email into anything, and I suddenly had fifteen or so spam emails entirely about click here and get money. And then we normally . . . we 99.99% of the time have been ordering our boba drinks through Door Dash and we just decided to get it on this day and by deciding suddenly to just go out and get it, now I see the car that I had envisioned parked right next to mine. So again, it works. But what exactly are you getting? Now maybe if I had focused more in depth or something like that, I do not know, maybe it would have come in an unusual way, but that is the way that it came for me. Purely mental. Now, in contrast, if you have listened to my second season of episodes, I talk about the healings that I have done. Now, when I say the healings, I have done, I mean the healings that I took part in, and I prayed in, and something happened. Two of them were on me and one of them was on my wife. But in those instances, I was praying over something, about something physically in the present, in front of me, in the moment, and the healing occurred. Remarkably like the Jesus teaching on how to bring about blessings, miracles, in comparison to this purely mental manifestation, to bring about some type of an experience. Now, again, I am not saying that the mental thing does not work. It does, but it is a question of what does it bring? Maybe it works better if you are asking yourself: I wish to understand more . . . I do not know . . . about this, the mysteries. So again, I posed the question on one of the episodes of what brought you to this podcast? Did you think about this beforehand or are you just here randomly? There is a method to it, there is what you are actually getting from it, and I know I’ve done that before when I’ve sat there and I’ve thought, okay, I really need to understand this subject matter more on this, whatever it is I’m studying and, like magically, a couple of days later, I suddenly come across the book that I’m looking for. How does that happen? Why? Is it just because I had thought about it and now, I am more receptive to seeing it and acknowledging what I am seeing because that which I had meditated and attempted to manifest appeared? Or do I have to pray over something to bring it about physically? There is a physical aspect versus a mental aspect, a physical reality versus a purely mental experience reality. I will talk about this more since, again, I am still experimenting as well on what the exact differentiator is between the two, but you can see how in depth it goes. There is the concept of gratitude that can bring about things. There’s mental manifestation, but what does it bring about if it is only bringing you mental satisfaction? Or praying that the mountain moves, and it moves or that water turns into wine? What are those key differentiators? And I hopefully have inspired you, dear listener, to think about it more as well.

I will leave you at that.

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