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Unlocking the Mysteries of the Beatific Vision of God


This section explains the various ways the Beatific Vision has been shown, depicted and described within the various Science disciplines across the centuries and their Science Fiction’s that have depicted the same images that the religious has across the millennium for truth.


I will be honest at the onset if you’ve listened to my podcast and are now visiting this website that since it was the hostilities from a particular segment of the scientific community that seems hell bent on proving God false and also seem to enjoy taking a dump on the history of mankind’s relationship within their sacred traditions that surround the experience of the Divine that initially drew me out, my lower nature, my egocentric human nature that loves to watch boxing is still struggling not to engage in return fire hostilities.  This is not easy.  Hopefully, you understand that by being honest about this and asking forgiveness ahead of time if I simply can’t restrain myself that I’m trying to do my part to heal this fistfight between science and religion since it’s really only a recent phenomenon.  But as stated elsewhere, this change occurs first from within our own mind and then can potentially extend outwards.  And since I’m not against the science itself but the verbal abuse from a minority of scientists, I will do my best to understand that even these same scientists are not necessarily against me as an individual—unless they have become prejudiced against religious believers—but that they’re more against the effects and repercussions negative religious and or spiritual practices and or beliefs and or historical religious power structures have wrought within the world.  Something as a Catholic I recognize and think should be required study for any believer, which I think any apologetic Catholic would readily agree with, though I hope that the same is sought and or taught within the scientific community especially as it pertains to their creation of those weapons that exist in the world that are capable of total annihilation.  Since no religion has claim to that.  I hope that’s fair.  And since I don’t really know the depths of the science of science beyond what I do know, I will also try not to stick my nose into interpreting the science itself in much the same way I said I’d show respect with other religions and their beliefs.  And just a heads up, this may be a longer discussion due to each of the aforementioned factors.


I can’t remember which of these pictures from the scientific world was the first one I saw as representing the Beatific Vision of God or what is seen during an actual mystical experience, so I will start with the one that at least allows me to start asking questions and because I’m 90% sure this was the first.  This would be how the Hadron Collider at the CERN facility looks, or Hadron Colliders in general but in particular the one at the CERN facility due to the fact that on the grounds of the site itself or in the lunch area in the courtyard outside, they have a giant statue of the Hindu god Shiva, or the Lord of the dance, in particular the Lord of the dance of creation and destruction, or the Alpha and the Omega dance I guess and that from what I remember reading the search at this facility is to find the God particle.  In case one skipped over the Hindu section, the image of Shiva is one of the many ways in which the mystical vision or the symbol and pattern of what is seen in a mystical vision, is shown through the arts of the Hindu religion: the rings of fire spinning around the many armed deity.


My question is what do the contributors, money people, architects of the collider and anybody else involved in the formation and creation of this, last I checked, the most expensive scientific facility and instrument in the history of the world: what do they know and believe that those atheistic minded hostile scientists mentioned at the beginning of this section don’t seem to know?  Because it’s not like a single individual built this thing.  It must have required someone’s initial vision of what they were going to build, then someone to draw it out.  If not the original idea person, then committees and meetings to hammer each stage of the process out, checkpoints and loop back points to continue developing the precise nature of how this collider is going to look and function, the materials needed and the continuing level of detail just to connect a single wire to this thing, let alone build it, must have been astronomical.


Now, obviously, this could have just been built as a jest against the statue of Lord Shiva and belief in general, which I highly doubt considering the price tag.  Or I suppose it could be seen as a temple to the religion of science or something of that nature?  Either on purpose from the money people or the head project lead or something, or as an after effect from those science minded persons that see this facility as some type of a magnum opus of Science and Technology?


But somewhere somebody had the vision to create this thing and envisioned how it would look.  Was this the first one of these things to be built or was it copied by the form of a previously built collider?  I have no idea and I’m unfortunately too lazy to look it up but somewhere, somebody that came up with the first one of these things had the exact same mystical experience as all others.  Entering the exact same mystical place as all others that have entered into the depths of this interior place of insight and saw this image and pattern within the depths and brought it back to the techno-science community and built it into this device.  Or they simply copied the symbol and pattern from you know, if you’ve looked at a single picture on this website, from any of the many religious holy sites, artifacts, symbols, etc., that are found across the entire landscape of the entire world . . . sans Antarctica, I assume.


Unfortunately, those are the options: built to mock religious belief in the mystical vision and experience while having either knowledge of the pattern of what is seen in a mystical vision and rejecting or mocking it or built to show the harmony between science and religion through the symbol and pattern of the mystical vision and experience itself.  Personally, I’m going with the latter simply due to the price tag and it would be interesting to hear the truth of this matter.


Now, before we move forward let’s state an obvious regarding the majority of the images that I’ve provided in this science section if one hasn’t seen this obvious yet: they’re almost all computer-generated images.  I couldn’t find actual images, at least on a photograph database site.  So, I don’t know if these are actually the things seen through scientific instrumentation other than the blobby, microscopic looking things I did find images of.  So, there is a kind of weird . . .  is this simply how it’s been conceived but hasn’t been actually seen question that a non-science mystical person like myself can think.  And yet if the conception and structure of these things works theoretically, scientists may have simply run with what the image of it looks like in their mind and this I guess could have fueled the artistic generation of images found in textbooks and on the Internet.  I’m not sure.  But since this is what is found in textbooks and on the Internet and shown on documentaries that try and push this science worldview, I’m going to have to say that these computer generated images are images of exactly what the science world either has seen, currently sees, or thinks or believes they see when they are both looking through scientific instrumentation or at results, or imagining the various processes of any given theory that involves the various images being held inside of their mind. . .

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