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Season 3

Episode 22 – What Are the Mysteries?
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Episode 22 - What Are the Mysteries?


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Defining What The Mysteries Are

It seems strange that after the thousands of years the mysteries have been taught, written, and pondered across the ages that knowledge of them has dwindled in today’s modern age of information.


This episode explores what the mysteries were in ancient times, how the mysteries were translated in traditional Christianity and why they were important then and why they remain important now for our own personal development.




  • More about credibility and schooling issues with getting a Religious Study degree. (01:09)
  • The mysteries mentioned by Plato (02:45)
  • What the mysteries taught in ancient times (04:40)
  • Mysteries were not just to gain knowledge of the self but experience this knowledge as well (06:03)
  • Brief overview of what we do know occurred at the mysteries in ancient times (07:21)
  • Mysteries today, in the sense I’m speaking of, have to do with the Sacraments of the Church (08:32)
  • The mysteries help to unlock one’s mind (10:24)

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