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Unlocking the Mysteries of the Beatific Vision of God


Season 1

Episode 01 – Introduction and The Ascension to the Temple of the Father
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Logos of Experience and Truth
Episode 01 - Introduction and The Ascension to the Temple of the Father


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Real example of a Mystical Ascension Vision Experience

Introduction to the mysteries of the mystical Beatific Vision of God and a retelling of one of the ascending experiences I’ve witnessed.


  • Introductions to mystical religious visionary experiences and study.
  • The question that needed answering that has propelled me towards this podcast.
  • Re-telling of the mystical visionary experience I had of Ascending to the Temple of the Father on March 25, 2018.

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  • Introduction to the logic of speaking on the Mysteries from experience and study (00:54)
  • Reading of St. John of the Cross, The Dark Night (02:51)
  • Mystical visions throughout the various religions (04:08)
  • The Mystical Experience is entering the Unconscious Mind (05:08)
  • Mysticism is discovering the difference between Worldly thought and Kingdom of Heaven Thought (06:47)
  • Explaining why I haven’t spoken of experiences since first one occurred in 2001 (07:58)
  • Drug Experience versus non-drug experience (08:20)
  • The reason for the length of time between experiences (10:23)
  • Different spiritual phases in different writings can be confusing (12:11)
  • Desert of the soul phase can last a lifetime (14:23)
  • Will speak on my experiences with the visions (14:54)
  • Lots of synchronicity talk upcoming (15:18)
  • Going beyond myths of the visions, they all describe the same mystical visionary experience (16:43)
  • I can only speak thusly from experiencing the Beatific Vision and having understood it (19:01)
  • What I wanted to prove to the naysayers and disbelievers on God (20:51)
  • Brief hint at another experience in 2005 (23:23)
  • Beginning of the mystical ascension experience (25:54)
  • Dream of Marvel’s The Watcher on the morning of (27:27)
  • My Book “Lucifer Revealed,” spoken of and how its writing tied into the current experience (31:17)
  • Reading of Sacerdotal Prayer of Jesus (34:24)
  • Transition from daytime to nighttime experiences, reading Gnostic works (41:03)
  • Unseen voices in the room (45:54)
  • The epiphany that came to me (47:38)
  • The Ascension Experience (51:02)
  • The destruction of the false self and ego (53:30)
  • Seeing the Child in the Temple of the Father (56:36)

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