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Podcast Transcript - The Death Experience

If you have not listened to the first episode of this season, episode number 11, please do so before proceeding forward as this episode will not make much sense if you haven’t listened to the previous one. Let’s get right into it.


Time skipped again after that phone call. I don’t remember anything else occurring in the parking lot outside of that nightclub, I don’t remember driving, nothing. I was just suddenly in an apartment, on the couch freaking out over what I’d witnessed in that nightclub.


Because of the time skipping, I’m not entirely sure on how much time had passed sitting there in this apartment, on this couch, trying to process what I’d seen and experienced. I remember seeing the daylight, but then I could just be imagining it. The point I’m making is I’ve thought that the entire contents of this experience, both the previous episode and what I will relate in this one, could’ve happened entirely in a single night, but also could’ve taken place over the course of two nights. I’m not entirely sure due to the time skipping experience.

All I know is I was plastered to this couch, immovable, sweating, trying to organize my mind and thoughts, being incapable of it due to the drug effects coupled with the realization of having seen Hell on Earth, and that it seemed like I saw daylight, but then it was also as if it was nighttime again, and people kept coming and going from this apartment I was in.


I will try to relate what I felt at this point since it’s very strange, is coming through a fog of memory and gets mythological even. Even though I fully knew and was taking responsibility for having smoked the drug at an internal level, that those around me knew that this would happen if I did it, was paramount in my mind. But since I’d seen those strange internal presences within all those in the nightclub, including the people I was with, I couldn’t make out if the people I was with were actually conscious of this, or if it had been these inner presences within them that had taken part in influencing me with or through these people around me, towards smoking the speed.


Let me word it directly. All those that I’d been with, including each of these coming and going persons into this apartment seemed to be benefiting from the experience I was having in some very strange otherworldly manner. It was as if they had gained something, were gaining something from it, from my suffering, and that it was as if they had offered me, or sacrificed me to this hellish realm, is another way I was thinking and seeing at this point. I know that sounds super strange, but that’s what it felt like. And it angered me. It angered me that I’d trusted these so-called friends, angered me that I’d chosen to hang around with them, angered me that I’d chosen to join in and smoke that drug. But though I could recognize the anger and frustration, since my mind was still all out of whack, it was as if I was chained to that couch, immovable and incapable of leaving, incapable of escaping the experience, essentially.


Obviously my sense of time was distorted since I can’t place if there was or wasn’t daylight or if it was all one night, but eventually I found myself alone in the dark, still seated on the couch in deep night. There were no more coming and going of people in and out of that apartment, the lights were off and I was alone with my heart pounding out of my chest.


I turned the television on since I was hoping it would take my mind off of what I’d experienced at the nightclub. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ll give you the movie and television imagery that sort of speaks of what I experienced next, and honestly may have merged with the drug experience or something to that degree and created what I saw from the depths of my subconscious. There’s an old horror movie staring the late John Ritter called “Stay Tuned,” that I’d watched as a child. I don’t remember the details of it, I only remember that it’s either he gets sucked into television world, or television world gets sucked out and into his reality. The television reference would be one of the old Simpson’s Halloween specials when Bart and Lisa get sucked into the television and are in the Itchy and Scratchy show. That gives you a hint at what I next witnessed. . .

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