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Episode 35 – Is the Law of Attraction the Forbidden Fruit?
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Episode 35 - Is the Law of Attraction the Forbidden Fruit?


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The Forbidden Fruit and the Origins of the Law of Attraction

In this episode, I explore the concept of creative thought, also known as the law of attraction, and its connection to the forbidden fruit which caused humanity’s downfall. I discuss whether utilizing this power should or shouldn’t be done and the potential consequences of doing so. I also delve into the origins of the law of attraction and how it has grown with an increasingly modern and liberal mindset. We take a closer look at the ancient text of the book of Job, where God’s appearance and questioning of Job serves as a powerful example of breaking through the ego to experience divine judgment. This passage illustrates the overwhelming difference between our limited human understanding and the vastness of the godhead, highlighting the humbling nature of such a profound encounter. I also examine the teachings of Gnostic and Hermetic traditions, as well as Kabbalistic and Masonic ideas, and how they relate to the concept of creative thought and the law of attraction. I emphasize the importance of understanding the true meaning behind these teachings and the potential dangers of misinterpreting them.


Join me as we dive deep into the complexities of creative thought, the law of attraction, and the forbidden fruit, and uncover the truth behind these mysterious concepts.




  • The forbidden fruit of creative thought part 2 (00:23)
  • Idol worship and the image of God (03:41)
  • The life review during the mystical experience shows how we are not gods (05:33)
  • The role of Gnostic, Hermetic and Kabbalistic texts in modern New Age (07:01)
  • Neither of the source materials deal with the law of attraction the way it is presented in New Age teachings (08:31)
  • The power of the Name of God and the lost key of Freemasonry are tied to law of attraction and creative thought (10:33)
  • Eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden did not confer consciousness as some esoteric teachings teach (14:49)
  • The desire to create as God creates, to be equal to God in this way sounds a lot like a certain theological character (15:52)
  • Job’s chastisement in the writer trying to convey the life review that occurs in a mystical experience (17:44)

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1 thought on “Episode 35 – Is the Law of Attraction the Forbidden Fruit?”

  1. I’m posting my reply on here from a Reddit conversation. It has to do primarily with the calling oneself God statement made in the episode.

    “Thank you for your feedback. I know it may sound strange but I’m new to speaking in an online setting. As such, I need to keep working on speaking with clarity.

    Yes, the myth of Prometheus and the “stolen fire” has been seen as having to do with more than just physical fire and being able to cook food as exoterically spoken of in the myth. And there are those that do see a link between the ideas in the character/personage/spiritual force or entity that is represented by Prometheus as being synonymous with Lucifer/Satan/Devil as the tempter in the Garden that pushes humanity towards the fruit. These voices claim it was a necessary “evil” so that humanity could move towards true freewill, but the focus in these Luciferian/Promethian teachings is on the fruit granting consciousness itself, not law of attraction thought manifestation power.

    The “gods,” statement is a murkier path to tread upon.

    In Genesis, the serpent says they will be like the gods if they eat the fruit and God later confirms it when He says he must expell humans out of Eden and withhold from them the Fruit of Life for they are now like the gods.

    Then, in the New Testament, John 10:34, which is referencing Psalm 82:6, Jesus reminds the Jews that it’s written, “that they are gods.”

    I’m only referencing this line from Jesus as the oft quoted verse from modern New Age and esoteric-type teachings that gives the reasoning and rationale for why we are gods and that this is the secret to true occult doctrine/teachings and the goal of western occult spirituality is to realize this.

    I didn’t mean to say that through these teachings, all persons ascribing to them say that they are the one true supreme god. Many don’t believe in God, and they instead use terms more like “It,” or the “Source,” when referencing the “power” behind the law of attraction that can be utilized to attain one’s desires.

    Though I’m sure many that have read and attempted to practice the law of attraction and its other synonymous-named works have never considered themselves gods by doing it, even if they achieved some type of manifestation, yes, in this modern age, there are persons that actually do think and call themselves gods. Little “G” gods though, like divinely self-realized spiritual beings that can learn to exert their will upon and utilize the spiritual ether, to use an older term, to get what they want in life.

    I’m not saying in any way that one shouldn’t strive to achieve goals to get what they want in life. Just that there’s something in the story of the forbidden fruit that raises some internal alarm system when I come across law of attraction type materials that says to me that sitting and mentally attempting to manifest that desire into reality without doing anything is possibly crossing some ancient line.

    I hope I was clearer in this reply.”

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