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Episode 39 – Is Jesus Feeding the 5000 Manifestation?
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Episode 39 - Is Jesus Feeding the 5000 Manifestation?


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Jesus' Miracles: Creative Thought or Divine Intervention?

In this sixth episode of our mini-series on manifestation, creative thought, and law of attraction, we examine if Jesus feeding the five thousand equates to manifestation and further the cautionary stance on exploring these mental techniques by discussing the difference in the use of the Force between the Jedi and the Sith in Star Wars.


Did Jesus employ similar manifestation, creative thinking when he performed miracles like multiplying loaves and fishes to feed thousands or is this parable used as proof to discover and use law of attraction thought processes? Are the consequences that occur to the Sith reflective of the potential dangers in using manifestation solely for personal gain?


Join us for an enlightening exploration as we shed light on the complexities of creative thought, its consequences, and the enigmatic nature of Jesus’ miracles. Brace yourself for an unforgettable listening experience and stay tuned for our next captivating episode.




  • Jesus and manifestation (00:22)
  • The requirements for Jesus’s actions to be considered manifestation (03:00)
  • Jesus represents our inner true self (06:04)
  • Jedi versus Sith in their reasons for using the Force (08:05)

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