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Worldwide Petroglyphs

This section explains the various ways the Beatific Vision was shown, depicted and inscribed upon the various monuments that depict Worldwide Petroglyphs and the same spiral image that permeates them all.



Much has been spoken regarding petroglyphs in the Native and Ancient New World sections along with ideas, theories, postulations that are made once one understands the mystical experience of the Beatific Vision of God that is being conveyed by the spiral or spoked wheel images of the many petroglyphs of the world and world’s peoples all somehow conveying the exact same image and pattern either completely independent and isolated from one another or through the perfect transmission of the image, symbol and pattern from some common group or family of peoples that existed before the Ice Age and the theory of migrations across the world of these peoples during the Ice Age.


I’ve seen some images on the Internet of petroglyphs that more clearly shows some type of a mystical thing occurring, again, shone through the eyes in some of the images that look like they’re exploding with the spoked wheel image like the statue from Papua New Guinea that I placed in the Native Shaman section.  Another had some kind of giant goddess looking figure with what looked like priests at her foot worshipping.  And these priests in turn had the feathered headdresses on their heads.  I couldn’t find where to get these images legally or they’re fakes on the Internet which is why iStock didn’t have them, so I didn’t put them on here, but I did see them online.


I’ve also included Stonehenge and Newgrange pictures, even though they could be seen as Ancient Old World structures.  Obviously, one has to imagine Stonehenge fully rebuilt to see the shape of essentially the cell, or again, the ring within the ring shape, or again, looking at the Hajj from above and many of the other images.  In the image I provided, I’m not sure if that outer mound ring is natural, built by the builders of Stonehenge or by modern builders or a later edition, but if legit, it simply widens the image of what the makers of this were attempting to show and or worship as if looking at it from above downward.  If there was another function for Stonehenge other than what the original builders intended or from those that used it afterwards, now having lost the original meaning of it, some type of superstitious stuff I don’t know.  That’s for somebody else to understand.  The same with Newgrange.  I was unable to find a legal photo of the interior of the structure, but they have a dome structure within it that clearly shows the symbol alongside the many spirals placed within the interior, at the entrance, and inside and all along the walls.


Both of these structures are super old; Stonehenge like 2500 BC or maybe even older and then Newgrange definitely older like 3200 BC.  Super old stuff . . .  same pattern depicting the same mystical experience and vision. . .

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