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Season 3

Episode 28 – Practical Use of Belief
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Episode 28 - Practical Use of Belief


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What Are the Practical Uses of Belief Beyond Religious?

In this episode, we dive into the practical uses of belief, going beyond just religious or spiritual aspects. We explore how belief plays a significant role in goal setting and envisioning the future, using historical examples like ancient cave paintings and the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. We also discuss the development of belief systems throughout history and the benefits of focusing on faith first, as demonstrated by the wisdom of prophets like Solomon. Join us as we continue to explore the power of belief and its impact on our lives.




  • The benefits of belief extend beyond belief in God or Self (00:22)
  • Lascaux and Shanidar cave paintings used as an example of ancient belief (02:05)
  • Is there a purpose to belief if we say there is no God? (04:12)
  • A modern form of belief and using belief in goal setting (05:10)
  • Is civilization only possible with belief ingrained in the mind of its citizens? (06:45)
  • The relationship between conscious and subconscious thoughts shape our world view (10:24)
  • The snake’s ability to shed its skin and rejuvenate itself was revered prior to Christianity, even though Jesus said the snake is wise (12:36)
  • The shedding and renewal process occurs at a mental and spiritual level for humans (13:39)
  • Mental alchemy is the process by which this occurs (14:33)

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