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Season 3

Episode 36 – Law of Attraction the Devil’s Seduction
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Episode 36 - Law of Attraction the Devil's Seduction


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The Dark Side of Creative Thought and the Law of Attraction

In this episode, I explore the concept of creative thought and the law of attraction, questioning whether they can be used spiritually for gain. I reflect on the Devil and Yaldabaoth in the Gnostic texts, as representations of our own ego mind and whether using creative thought or the law of attraction is the left-hand path. I’ll touch on a story of the devil and one of his demons and how it relates to the teachings of the devil throughout Christendom. You’ll hear about movies like Doctor Faust and Constantine that portray how the devil always takes a toll when it comes to getting what you want. We’ll also reflect on the power of the law of attraction and the temptation that comes with it and explore the seduction of control and the implications of using the law of attraction for gain. Join me in this episode as we unlock the mysteries surrounding creative thought and the law of attraction.




  • Pitfalls of creative thought (00:23)
  • The Power of the Name of God and punishment for seeking it (04:34)
  • The Devil holds court (06:17)
  • The Bible written as a guide out of such spiritual pitfalls as law of attraction and creative thought (08:28)
  • The Devil in Dr. Faust and Constantine (10:14)
  • The Devil gives you what you want (10:59)
  • Seeing what is desired on YouTube (13:35)
  • Difference between goal setting and creative thought (14:58)
  • How this is tied to the experience of synchronicity (15:45)

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