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Podcast Transcript - Truth or Fiction

Welcome back to discussing the mysteries of the Logos of Experience in Truth.


We’ve spent quite a bit of time dancing around the idea of truth itself over the past two episodes and though I don’t want to get political on this episode, it’s certainly on my mind as it is with everybody else with today being the 6th of November 2020.


I ended the last discussion hinting at further experiences regarding the spiritual rebirth, the baptism of the Holy Spirit in fire and the physical experiences that occur from this; that they are not just in the mind but are actually felt and experienced physically and how the experience of this leads one, and more specifically, has led me, to see an absolutely incredible beyond just faith and into actual reality truth regarding essentially everything in the Gospels about the life of our Lord Jesus, the Christ.


Keep that in mind: physical experiences, not just mental visionary imagery, but physical.


Now, yes, there’s that obvious question.  “Well, aren’t you a Christian?  Shouldn’t you believe in this already?”  Well, yes, Mr. or Miss non-Christian.  But when does belief begin from non-belief?  And when does belief become true faith; and when does true faith become factual reality?  These are movements within.  The change, again, the stages of moving towards believing in something so powerfully that it enters or becomes fact and reality.


As a mystic, as one that has experienced the visionary sights I’ve spoken of, along with mentioning the spiritual rebirth that occurs physically within the body, exactly as Christ said: from within, I am astonished at the truth of the stigmata experience, since from my eyes, my viewpoint, the depth of belief that St. Francis of Assisi and Padre Pio to name a few had in seeing themselves as disciples of Christ, in the physical sense, is utterly beyond astonishing: the merging of belief into reality.


As a contrast for instance, I’m not a feeder of the poor.  I’m not a clothier of the naked.  I’m not a physical, hands-on type of Catholic Christian.  I don’t act out my faith physically.  I’m an entirely mental inquisitive examiner of words and ideas and concepts.  The closest Gospel saying that resonates with me and what I seem to do and the works of faith I seem to follow, are found in Matthew 13:51-52.


“Do you understand all these things?”  They answered, yes.  And he replied, “Then every scribe who has been instructed in the Kingdom of Heaven, is like the head of a household who brings from his storeroom both the Old and the New.”  (Catholic World Press, 1997).


Yet even here, like I said, I’m not an apologist or theologian.  I’m not even a philosopher I would say, since I’m not pushing anything new forward into any of these realms, just seeing them deeply for what they are through the lens of one that has had mental, internal, spiritual, intellectual, mystical experience which is why I didn’t have anything occur to me physically beyond the spiritual rebirth from within, which is no slouch by any stretch of the imagination since I can literally tell you how, literally, how a virgin, the Virgin Mary could have, did, become pregnant by the Holy Spirit.  And yes, I will describe it in detail when I describe those peculiar physical sensations that course through the body that literally, not just a faith statement anymore, literally could impregnate a virgin, obviously if it’s deemed by God, as was with the Virgin Mary if she had this same experience, which the Virgin Mary most certainly did.  Or at least, that’s the conclusion I’ve reached for there’s no other explanation I can give after contemplating the physical experiences that occur, and this, from the point of view of a man experiencing this.


And though yes, Jesus does mention the internal spiritual rebirth in the Gospel of John to Nicodemus, and even though yes, renewal of the self, the mind, the soul, was incredibly important to Jesus, he also spent a massive amount of time physically healing, physically being a physician to those around him, which is what St. Francis and all those saints that have received the stigmata emulated at an exponential rate.


Now I’m an intensely mental person, so though I had the mystical unfoldment and the testing by God in all of which I’ve paraphrased and will further explain the details over time, this was all internal and not physical, other than the spiritual rebirth by the fires of the Holy Spirit.  The physical, hands-on Christianity is as I’ve mentioned, my vocation in marriage, which I’ll speak more about in a bit.


This is what I want to get across right now and we’ll dive further into this: the Saints belief in the emulation and identification with and alongside Jesus, specifically of those saints that have received the stigmata, their emulation physically was so powerful that it brought their faith in Jesus mystically into reality—the physical reality through their works and it was so in depth, so overpowering over and across their mind that it brought the gift of the Holy Spirit into the physical realm with the signs of the stigmata.  Up until this point from what I’ve been able to gather, all mystical experience was of the internal kind, the philosophical kind.  But this, this was something new.  This is the body also being raised to that divine status we discussed in the last episode which is rooted in the physical ascension of the master, of Christ.


For comparison’s sake, this is essentially what Catholics believe is occurring a billion times a day with the Holy Eucharist and the power of the priest’s prayer when they say the blessing that essentially calls down the Holy Spirit to transubstantiate the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ.  So, this concept shouldn’t be a foreign idea to the practicing Catholic.  But as I stated before, these types of connections to the Holy Spirit can’t just be for the religious persons and their vocation but also have to be present for married persons and their vocation which is what my journey of understanding seems to have been all about.


I feel terrible that I can’t actually remember if it was the priest during my marriage prep classes that said it, or the priest that married my wife and I . . . or even if I just heard it on Catholic Answers or something during this time, but I am about 95% sure it was the Father that married my wife and I that posed the challenge, question, reality and truth about marriage being a vocation and spiritually ordained by God.


If you don’t understand what this vocation business is, it just means that one’s faith is acted out or realized within their station in life.  And obviously in the Church, you’re either a religious person: so, think priests, clergy, nun, Cardinal, Pope, or you are not, and are a husband or a wife, a father or a mother.  But that marriage itself is a ministry of faith.  It’s just between two people, the husband and the wife, and any that observe or are part of it that are challenged and are changed by the manner in which the husband and the wife are married.  But that’s in the external.  As I said, I’m a mental person.  So, while all of that was occurring, inner depth and contemplation about marriage was always occurring.  And it began at this nexus point.


This is what the priest said, and it’s never left my contemplating mind since.  He said, “that the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven are found in your vocation and that marriage should be treated thusly.”  And I’ve simply spent the last fourteen years of my spiritual journey trying to understand how this is so and when we get to the spiritual rebirth, to the blessing of the Holy Spirit and why Holy Spirit was feminine to me, I’ll definitely provide many a theory on why this occurred and why this is also rooted in what we began to touch upon in the last episode: the mystery of the male and the female, the right and left, or the duality of physical nature and physical reality at its core, and that this male and female, or gender, the apparent reality of binary opposites that are endlessly attracted to one another, is at the basis and foundation of reality, which I already mentioned: the trinity of creation in the atom.  Of proton the positive, electron the negative, and neutron the base, or that which contains both charges and no charge at one and the same time—or the Father, and the Son is the proton, the Holy Spirit is the electron.  Or in the old way of seeing this binary duality: Apollo is the sun, or positive daytime energy, and Artemis is the moon, or negative nighttime energy.  Or the male, the sun, and the female, the moon.


This exists inside of us as well and I will continue to unpack this though I’ve already given many hints regarding this depth inside of ourselves.  So keep this in mind, along with looking up the scriptures we’ve already mentioned from both Jesus and St. Paul that have to do with gender, and that in the Kingdom of Heaven, there no longer is gender, while there still is gender, for all are one in Christ and that this refers to and means much more than anything having to do with the external physical sexual gender just as I said that when mystical texts speak of nakedness, that this has nothing to do with external clothing.

All of this talk about belief becoming real brings up what many, many books speak about nowadays.  Some with genuine wisdom, others not so much so: the power of thought itself to shape our reality.  Since in essence, that’s what the saints mentioned achieved within themselves, that which brought about the stigmata: belief in Christ, in sharing in the cross, in the wounds of Christ by carrying one’s own cross so powerfully that it manifested into physical reality.



Scripture texts in this work are taken from the New American Bible, revised edition © 2010, 1991, 1986, 1970 Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Washington, D.C. and are used by permission of the copyright owner. All Rights Reserved. No part of the New American Bible may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

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