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Podcast Transcript - Pascal's Wager

Welcome back to the mystical understandings of the Logos through experience and the quest for truth.

Last time I got into a little bit of the interior maya, or the apparent illusory nature of the world we see within our mind and how this sort of dictates in a way that which we see outside as well.

It’s an interesting concept that I’ll touch upon further here and there of course when it makes sense, but I just wanted to state the obvious that even if there is this aspect to our own internal and interior mental activity, it doesn’t mean that we can simply shape the external world instantly in some sort of magical way like in that weird Dark City movie where the weird alien beings and the hero change and shape the world around them instantly through thought alone.  Or like that spoon kid and his lesson to Neo in the Matrix.

There is an aspect of this of course if you realize that right now is right now and tomorrow is a dream and today is the dream of yesterday.  And thus, what you think and set into motion today can come about tomorrow since tomorrow doesn’t actually exist yet and so on and so forth.

So again, there’s the deeper level and layer of these types of thoughts and contemplations regarding these almost superhero-like powers of shaping reality, in particular, your reality, since in essence, by thinking a plan out today for instance, it can come about tomorrow.  There’s just those caveats and of course the obvious as well that you have to take the first step and then the second, and then the third.  It won’t just happen with a snap of a finger, but as I’ve described with the phenomenon of synchronicity, when you do take the first step there is an aspect of the universe that seems to respond; that you begin to see the world around you mold towards your intention due to your having taken that first step.  This is that saying of when you take one step towards God, God takes a thousand towards you.

Now of course, Jesus does say that if you have faith you can tell the mountain to move and it will move.  So, it’s very interesting that Jesus does speak about this even if it’s both not directly the same concept and also extremely the same concept.  Though obviously, if you think about it more deeply, is he talking about an actual physical mountain that stands in front of you or the mountain in your mind that’s blocking you?  Either way, until you’re resolved for the change to occur whether external or internal, until you believe that it will move, it will not move.

So, very interesting, I hadn’t actually thought of this prior, so just in the thinking and outlining phase for this episode I found the New Testament straight from the mouth of Jesus teaching and saying regarding the power of faith to move mountains as the equivalent to thought shaping reality.  As we’ve seen though, mental worldly thoughts of the mental worldly conditioned mind are not actually the same as faith, so there is a deeper wisdom and revealing in Jesus’s saying versus repetitive wishful thinking.

I still don’t quite understand how all of it works of course.  I’m not sure any deep diver into these mysteries fully understands it.  But if I can try to describe it, there’s some sort of base, some sort of foundation to reality itself, that which the Creator God set into motion and is kind of like the original piece of marble an ancient sculptor got into his or her studio and then began carving out the intended figure from that marble.

This is well attested to in other culture’s cosmological myths that there’s some kind of stuff that the first deity or god uses to start creation and from there all emerges.  So, what I mean by this is that there’s aspects to the external visible world that at first glance don’t appear to be changeable.  But if you think of what human beings have done with irrigation, water systems, tributaries, dams and such things as that, at first glance, if we can place ourselves into the shoes of our ancestors that saw these sources of water and sought to extend their use across the land by digging ditches and such: my daughter is learning Ancient Egypt right now so I’m thinking of what they did to extend the reach of the Nile flood waters, and then up to modern times, right, with the building of canals and such.  At first glance it doesn’t seem like anything can be done with those aspects to the external visible world of nature, and yet, again, with a plan and then setting it into motion the wonders that humanity has created and achieved have been achieved.

It just takes time.  The external manifestation takes time.  It can take a billion years compared to the thought of it occurring in an instant inside of the mind.  But there is that aspect of the little saying in that Field of Dreams movie of, “if you build it, he will come.”  Once you start, once you begin, once you get going, it’s like the world bends around you, aids you, as well as testing you for certain, which is what seems to be lost on those that seek change and do not achieve it: that it requires sacrifice of some sort towards the achievement of your plan, your vision, your goal, hope, the desire, and as I’m thinking of the spoon-kid in the Matrix since mentioning that scene just opened up more connections in my head, exactly what he says is this process: it’s not the spoon that moves but yourself that does, your beliefs, your convictions, your will and determination to see whatever it is you thought up through to completion.  And any blocks are entirely your own and have more to do with what’s inside of you versus anything outside of you.  And when you dive deeper and deeper the external visible world becomes the reflection of your internal world, the land of the subconscious informing your conscious mind, and if you can see it, your unconscious sending you hints as well left and right and all around you that you simply have to train yourself to see and notice.


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