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Season 2

Episode 19 – The Path of the Mystic
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Episode 19 - The Path of the Mystic


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Living the Path of the Mystic Amidst the Mysteries

Transmuting life lessons via the examples given in the Mysteries is the essence of alchemy and mysticism. Without any external help it is a challenge to see the symbols of the mysteries embedded within one’s life, yet they are there, everywhere, all around and within if one but has the awareness to pierce through what is apparent for what is hidden behind the veil. As in anything there are ups and downs and the downtime when living a spiritual life that seeks commune with God through the Mysteries, known as the Desert or Dark Night of the Soul can last a lifetime. But if the labyrinth is successfully navigated, eventually the hero does battle with the Minotaur and slays the beast within to emerge victorious, remade, fresh, renewed, spiritually reborn.


This episode completes the telling of my tale from start to finish from the first experience that began this season to the most recent experiences that were summarized at the start of the first season of the podcast. Journey further down this rabbit hole and learn the symbols I perceived in my life so that you may look for them or similar within your own if you are wandering through the Dark Night of the Soul in your own spiritual journey.


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  • Inner voice that said I didn’t know what I’d written and had to shelve it (01:24)
  • Inner resolve not to lead others astray with anything I speak of (02:08)
  • Blasphemy against God (02:57)
  • Not realizing that sacrificing writing to follow my intuition was due to writing having become my golden calf (03:51)
  • The use and alchemy of the emotion of anger (05:29)
  • Further blasphemy against God (06:29)
  • Amidst the blasphemy, the blessing of life seems to emerge (07:16)
  • The blessing of children within the soul of the parent if allowed to blossom (08:52)
  • The physical manifestation of an illness when I stepped away from writing and its unmistakable mirroring alongside esoteric body energy diagrams (09:21)
  • Without the will to write, the vacuum in my mind was quickly filled with an endless video gaming habit (11:26)
  • Success in the world brings me to question if writing on the mysteries had been misleading, just as belief in God (13:34)
  • Ash Wednesday 2017 I took the Pepsi challenge my inner voice had been suggesting and calculated how many hours I’d spent wasting time video gaming (16:07)
  • The culture and obsession or addiction of video gaming as a habit (17:02)
  • If I gave up gaming, what would remain in my life after already giving up writing, reading and meditating? (19:05)
  • The moment of the Desert or Dark Night of the Soul and the emptying of the mind finally reached (19:41)
  • The greatest commandment once more summarized alongside the life experience and the state in life required to achieve it (20:43)
  • The submission of the worldly will to God, or Islam as it is translated (21:22)
  • The internal destruction of the mind/ego in a person’s personal apocalypse to be reborn in Christ (21:46)
  • The old mind and life must make way for the new mind and life, or why the snake sheds its skin and new wine is poured into new wine-skins (23:13)
  • The story of the third healing I’ve performed from a hypothyroid issue (25:42)
  • Rekindling the connection to the spirit to heal myself in a familiar manner (27:00)
  • True prayer of belief in the now for healing(27:41)
  • The experience that actually proved that the healing had in fact occurred (28:48)
  • The reason why I call this the Mustard Seed of Hope in another podcast (30:57)
  • Around this same period the comment or question or desire for a proof to show God in some manner, as spoken of in the first episode of this podcast, came into my mind (31:11)
  • The return of the reader and thinker and the use of audiobooks to get it done while commuting (32:32)
  • The experience that brought the wonder of the mysteries back into my mind (33:48)
  • The grand dream experience that opened my eyes once more to the great mystery (34:55)
  • A bird-like feathered goddess emerges out of the walls to speak to me in this dream (37:20)
  • The question of the Golem that was asked by the goddess within the dream (38:11)
  • The time period of this dream occurred during a very interesting astrological event (40:56)
  • Using audio to complement eyeball reading caused an explosion in the mind (41:39)
  • The regeneration of the mind as according to Hermes and Christ reborn within (42:53)

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