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Podcast Transcript - The Logos of God

Welcome back to these the discussions of the Logos of Christ.


Today’s episode might feel a bit scatterbrained.  In thinking about the various topics I’ve covered there’s a few things I want to round out as I continue filling in the gaps as I stated I would do in an earlier episode.  Then hopefully, what I’d like to get to is the discussion of that which I refer to at the start of each episode: The Logos, the Christ.  After such an in-depth discussion of the true self as well as the mind, or our inner mentality, mental activity, or the world of the mind, it only makes sense to now discuss the Mind of God, the Logos, or the second person of the Trinity, the Christ.


First thing though is I wanted to clear up a couple things I said in the previous episode.  Though I still didn’t look up if it was Maimonides or Spinoza that spoke of the reality of the mind, I was led to Descartes as being the one that spoke of, what do we actually know of reality beyond the contents of our mind?


Now what do I mean that I was led to it?


After recording the previous episode on the Indescribability of God, I had yard work to do.  I like listening to an audio book while I do my yard work and when we return to the phase I called the Mustard Seed of hope, I will go further in-depth regarding learning and knowledge and how going from reading with the eyes to reading with the ears absolutely exploded my literary brain.


Anyways, I have one hundred sixty-five books in my Audible library, many of which I’ve listened to and the rest that are quickly becoming my massive audio book backlog, which I imagine occurs to many other readers as well.  So, for some strange reason, the history book I was trying to listen to titled, the, “Silk Roads,” wouldn’t load.  I uninstalled it and tried reinstalling it, and then it wouldn’t download.  I thought it weird, said whatever and then decided to find something else to listen to.  I scrolled down to the beginning of my Audible library and said to myself, well, let’s see if there’s anything from three years ago that I have yet to listen to.  And there were two books from when I first started listening to books on Audible that I had yet to listen to.


Now I guess book is the wrong word though, since these are Great Courses audio lectures that are on Audible.  So, I had two options: a course on Alexander the Great, or a science-based course called Redefining Reality: The Intellectual Implications of Modern Science.  And I’m sure you can guess which one I chose.


Now I purchased this course three years ago within the first month of having Audible since when I signed up it was like a month prior to Black Friday, right around this time actually, in a little synchronous nod to the past since I’m recording this on November the first.  So naturally I’d loaded up on books, and especially on Great Courses lecture series back then, and this was one I bought.


So, what are the chances that on this day I’d be done listening to Stephen Fry’s awesome “Mythos,” book, where like him, and obviously if you listened to my episode on the planet Jupiter in the constellation of Libra, I’m very much a lover of, and knowledgeable on the Greek and Roman myths, having spent my elementary years up to sixth grade in Santa Monica with the Getty Museum always just a field trip away.  I will return in great detail regarding myth, especially Greek myth, especially regarding the mystical experience of what was seen and in particular, why what I saw is what I saw.  It has a lot to do with this early upbringing and my study of Greek myth from as early as the second grade.


So, what are the chances I’d finished this book the night prior, talk about reality and the recording during the next day, and then choose this science course to listen to after having it sit on my audible backlog for three years?  And that in the very first lecture, the very first one, the lecturer would start by discussing Descartes and his pondering on what we actually know to be true, or reality, beyond that which exists in our own individual mind.


I’m sure a mathematician could figure out that probability.  Out of the one hundred sixty-five books in my Audible library sixty-three are unread.  I have two credits that I could have used to purchase something.  Since I read mystical and religious and historical stuff, you’d have to. . . what’s the right word, permutate the numbers of those books that I could have potentially selected with my two credits to start to read on this day.  Plus, Audible recently enhanced their membership and now includes many free books that also now become options or possibilities and I’d actually had a mind to find a free book to listen to since I’m planning on canceling the membership by the end of the first week of November since, well, I have sixty-three books in my backlog that need to be listened to, so why keep the membership with so many books to complete?


But for some reason I chose this Great Course lecture series, and it literally provided me with an answer to a question I’d just pondered and discussed in the recording I’d done that day.  Maybe the word reality in the title triggered in my mind to select it since I’d use that word in my own recording, right?  It makes an unconscious type of sense and yet at the same time, one has to be aware enough of their intuition, or unconscious mind, to which I was aware enough of said intuition having learned to be aware of and listen to it: the inner voice within.  The Jiminy Cricket voice of conscience we’d spoken about in an earlier episode, and most importantly to listen to and follow its guidance, since my first reaction towards its urging me to listen to this lecture series was, “Why do I want to listen to some boring science crap right now?”  But I followed its guidance and doing so gave me an answer to the question I’d asked myself earlier.


So, right there, a little bit of the synchronicity occurring, not in the past in some journal entry I’m quoting, but immediately.  My telling you that I began to listen to this science lecture series may have you wondering just how much science I have studied and or listened to especially when I was honest enough to compare that I won’t know as much about science as the scientist, just as they don’t know as much about mysticism, symbolism and mythology as I do.  But there are several meeting points between the two.


The only reason I bring this up is because upon the creation and completion of my database of journal writing about these, the mystical mysteries of myself, it was something I was already pondering since I began to see in this lengthy self-examination the life of the mysteries as a mystic, something I’d learned while in college immediately after my Awakening Experience during the Expansion of the Mind.



Scripture texts in this work are taken from the New American Bible, revised edition © 2010, 1991, 1986, 1970 Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Washington, D.C. and are used by permission of the copyright owner. All Rights Reserved. No part of the New American Bible may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

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