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Season 3

Episode 29 – Truth Defined Through Experience
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Episode 29 - Truth Defined Through Experience


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Truth Defined Through Experience

In this episode, I dive into the importance of experience in defining one’s truth. Drawing from my own personal experiences, as well as those of others, I explore the transformative power of mystical and religious visions. I also discuss the significance of spiritual practices and rituals in shaping our neural networks, and how this can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our world.


From near-death experiences to profound religious pilgrimages, I examine the impact these experiences have on our lives and the way they shape our truths. Join me as I delve into the world of experience and truth and uncover the mysteries that lie within.




  • Knowing about an experience versus experiencing it (00:23)
  • The power of personal experience (04:04)
  • Faith without works is dead (05:04)
  • Observing the effects of the Hajj on a Muslim employee (06:37)
  • UFO experience as an example used from “The Vision Explained Deeper,” (07:28)
  • Not all near-death experiences result in some sort of vision of the beyond (09:46)
  • The key distinction of those that witnessed something during the experience was that their life was changed afterwards (11:09)
  • Overall goal of ancient mysteries was some type of experience (12:59)

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