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Season 3

Episode 32 – What Occurs in the Mind When We Meditate?
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Episode 32 - What Occurs in the Mind When We Meditate?


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Exploring The Mysteries Of Meditation And Mental Clarity

In this episode, I dive deep into the world of meditation and explore how it affects our minds. I discuss the assumptions we make about others’ thought processes and consider how meditation might influence the depth of our thinking. I also examine the challenges faced by beginners starting meditation later in life due to the multitude of conscious thoughts and memories they must wade through.


Throughout the episode, I explore the distinction between thought and mind, and how meditation can help us differentiate between the two. By understanding this difference, we can gain more control over our thoughts, improve focus, and ultimately achieve a sense of genuine freedom. Join me as I share my personal experiences and insights on meditation, contemplating the mysteries of the unconscious mind, and the power of self-reflection. Together, we’ll unlock the secrets of taming the mind and delve into the benefits of meditation for enhancing mental clarity and well-being.




  • Mental activity of meditation nad its connection to the unconsious mind (00:22)
  • Assumptions and self-reflection (02:17)
  • Mental freedom and clarity in the Age of the Algorithm (03:40)
  • Carving the path t0 mental freedom (05:04)
  • The Battle of Meditation (06:24)
  • Yoga is yoking the mind (07:25)
  • Increasing the Mind while decreasing thought (08:53)
  • Learning the difference between thought and mind (10:19)

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