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Is there a single concept and reality across the entire face of the human family that doesn’t evoke the exact same fear, dread, wonder, skepticism and hope regardless of nationality, race, creed, gender or social status?


Just think. In a hundred twenty years, everyone alive today will be dead unless the prolongment of life occurs in some way. We will all be fertilizer for the next generations of human beings upon this planet.


There is no escape. There is no amount of money, influence, fame, groveling or power that can prevent death from occurring. What’s the saying? Two things are certain: death and taxes.


And then what comes after Death?


Nothing? Judgment? Reincarnation? Heaven? Hell?


It was to answer this question, this fear, this hope about the inescapable Death that the Mysteries across all time were created and delivered to any man or woman that would undergo the various initiations. Not so much to answer definitively for all, but to answer specifically for each that sought to understand the Mysteries and Death and the Beyond.


There have been many hellish death experiences spoken of in the various religions and myths throughout history. Many trips to the underworld, many returns from the Land of the Dead and the tale of the journey in and most importantly, the journey out. These episodes will contain my own tale of entering into Death and Hell.


Though I’m sure it must’ve felt as if the first Season was a giant maze of words as my mind blurted out what it knows of the mystical experience and the study of the Mysteries, this Season will begin with the nexus point of my own beginning of looking deep within the abyss of the Mystery after having fallen into the mystery of Hell and Death.


This nexus point occurred with a near-death experience along with many very eye-opening experiences that led me to it. After thoroughly describing all that I’ve been able to remember about this near-death and mystical vision experience the remaining episodes will of course be the aftermath filled with learning, seeking, questioning, meditating, contemplating, rising, falling, blaspheming and repenting.


These ten episodes will be much more straight forward due to the linear timeline that they follow and hopefully are easier to digest mentally versus the ten episodes of Season 1. And if there was a lack of understanding of my own person expressed in Season 1, hopefully after Season 2 you will know me much better as I divulge the personal goods.


To those that listen and continue to choose to listen to my podcast and the spiritual experiences I’ve had my hope is that in hearing my path you will be able to decipher the spiritual truths or realities that are all around and within you on your own path as you journey through the labyrinth of the mind and soul in search of the Narrow Path within.


Join me in Season 2 of the Logos of Experience and Truth Podcast where I journey into Hell and to Death.


Until next Time.

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