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Unlocking the Mysteries of the Beatific Vision of God


This section explains the various ways the Beatific Vision is shown throughout Nature, mathematically explained by the Fibonacci sequence or the Golden Rule and shown endlessly through Fractals with the same spiral image that permeates all depictions of the Vision.



I wasn’t expecting this section to go as long as it did, but it is, and it did.


If you’ve looked at any of the preceding images or listened this far, this section should already be forming images in your mind based solely on the headline or title.  I’ve mentioned the celestial rose used by Dante in the Divine Comedy to symbolize the eternal vision along with the Buddha using the lotus flower as the symbol for the experience of Enlightenment.  Flowers in general have often been used and though I left it out of the Ancient World section and only briefly mentioned them in the Petroglyphs section, if you read the Chaldean Oracle’s, which are kind of weird historically since are they from the time of Zoroaster or not since they really only appear and are quoted in the same timeline as Hermeticism and Neoplatonism and are quoted as being super old wisdom passed down and syncretized into the Hellenistic worlds since the conquest of Alexander.


Either way, they contain what’s believed to be the mystical wisdom of Chaldea, or essentially Babylon, which is essentially Sumeria, which is essentially in a broader sense Mesopotamia depending on the eternally long recorded timeline of this region of the world.


If I remember correctly, Chaldea was what the Greeks called them.  So, when you read in Genesis if your Bible has footnotes, Abraham was brought out of the supremely old city of Ur in Chaldea, but the footnotes note that in the time of Abraham it would have been the Sumerian city of Ur since Chaldea as a word for the region didn’t exist yet when it was written in the Bible.  I guess the term is an anachronism.


Anyways, in the text very quickly upon reading it you’ll both get the exact description of head of a hawk for God, which further explains, or I suppose, is explained by the hawk or eagle engraving on the Gobekli Tepe in the petroglyphs section along with Sumerian and Babylonian symbology, along with God being described as having spiral form or spiral power, or the tunnel or the dragon imagery from other cultures.  But throughout this brief text you will also get the flower imagery, especially of the flowering of the mind or that which both is seen and occurs and or is gifted through the mystical experience and vision.


The danger of course in recognizing, seeing, and or symbolizing the imprint of God in nature, if danger it truly is as I briefly touched upon in the Petroglyph section, is pantheism occurring.  Let’s imagine in times past someone actually having the experience and possibly attempting to describe it . . . pointing to a flower or a turtle shell, or an eagle flying, something in nature, or more clearly something outside of themselves and essentially performing symbol science, or language, and such and such person is doing this in order to say: “what I saw in my mind in this vision of the gods and eternity thing, looked like that.”  And then perhaps a subsequent generation now having lost sight of the original story or the telling from this original person or the notion that such and such elements in nature looks like, though is not actually the deity or god that was seen from within the mind during the Beatific Vision of God and you can see how such things as pantheism can occur from the superstitious element entering into the secondary mind, or the forgetfulness of succeeding generations after the originating internal wisdom seeker that taught that this, or that, in nature looked like what was seen within the divine mystical vision but is not actually the divine realm of what was seen, was not actually the deity itself, for the deity or divine realm in the vision was seen entirely from within and beyond the mind; along with of course the difficulty in explaining and or understanding such things.


I think I spent a great deal of time in one of my Podcasts in Season One trying to describe the differentiation of normal brain-mind and then the crossing of the breach as God tauntingly challenges anybody to enter to contend with him in the Book of Ezekiel and the subsequent seeing/hearing that which was witnessed, that which was revealed or the entering into of mind that is beyond E=MC square brain and the mental neurological energy within: brain-mind.  So, if this is still difficult to describe and explain, imagine what this must have been like over the thousands of years our ancestors have attempted to convey this extra-ordinary experience of the Beatific Vision of God.


Whatever God is in relation to this universe and to us, or to our experience of this universe as that which experiences whatever it is God is or does in relation to us, the primary: that which God is or does; or the Father wills, the Logos, Word, Son, Mind of God creates and makes since through him all things were made as the Nicene Creed states; then the Holy Spirit sustains and brings about life in some mysterious manner in conjunction and community alongside, within, or undifferentiated from and with the Father and the Son.  Or the Blessed Trinity in Catholic and Orthodox Christianity.


The difficulty is understanding kind of how I spoke regarding the reality of an author and their work if they insert themselves as a character into the work; that God the Father is both nowhere in the manifested universe of creation by being ineffable and yet at the same time somehow paradoxically permeates throughout all of creation through the galactic or cosmic doing, and or being, and or power of the eternal Christ or the Mind of God or the Logos as the intermediary between the unknowable one God the Father and the universe of experience or life, that is again somehow sustained by the Holy Spirit, and then through both Son and Holy Spirit the Father is imminently known or felt or seen in the world since all is the will of the Father or the One God.


God is both in and then not in everything and unfortunately this can lead to pantheism since it can be somewhat subtle, especially since the same, let’s say, life force or spirit, the physical-ness of the Holy Spirit if physical we can call it, gives life to all of creation not just the human.  It’s why there are those that can feel this spirit within nature or the animals of the world, or even when experiencing an element of the world like swimming through water, or skydiving through the air, or digging through and feeling the earth through one’s fingers or staring into a fire while camping since that sameness exists within and without that which we experience as ourself, or our life, or our self that is observing the experience of life within ourself and is consciously aware of this observing and experiencing. . .

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