Logos of Experience and Truth

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Beatific Vision of God

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These are the traditions discussed in the Vision Explained Deeper:

  • Opening
  • Christianity
  • Judaism
  • Islam
  • Buddhism
  • Hinduism
  • Chinese-Japanese-Asian
  • Worldwide Native-Shaman-Druid
  • Science/Science-Fiction
  • Ancient Old World
  • Ancient New World
  • Worldwide Petroglyphs
  • Nature-Fibonacci-Fractals
  • Modern Structures
  • Tunnels-Staircases-Labyrinth
  • Zodiacs
  • Cultural Traditions
  • Ending
  • Individual Audio for all eighteen sections of the Vision Explained Deeper
  • Audio combined into a single audiobook (*audiobook in M4B format and requires M4B audiobook player)
  • Full Transcript in PDF, EPUB, or MOBI

It has been said that if you put mystics into a room from every religion and spiritual practice in the world, they would agree and be friends. If you swapped out theologians, they would go to war with one another.
The Vision Explained Deeper is the first kind.


The purpose and aim of this work are to show, teach, describe, and demonstrate how the inner, mystical teachings, writings, artworks, myths and legends throughout all history, all cultures and all religious and spiritual practice are united by a singular, repeating image that exists within them all, without any exception, including science, even if they don’t want to be included.


By purchasing this work, studying the image, listening, or reading to how this image has been described and depicted, you will learn as the mystics do, how to create peace and conversation among and between the various disciplines, religions, spiritual teachings in all the World. To be an engine for change and peace in the world requires a new perspective, a new teaching, a new lesson, and seeing can sometimes lead to believing.

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