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Podcast Transcript - Season One Summary

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Hello and welcome. This will be a 10-episode summary of
Season 1 of the Logos of Experience and Truth Podcast.


I will provide each episode’s key points with a timestamp
so you can navigate these lengthy recordings. For further


navigation and timestamps, click the link in the episode
description to go to the podcast page where I provide a detailed


00:00:36,150 –> 00:01:02,730

timestamped outline in the show notes. If you haven’t listened
to the Season 1 trailer for why these show notes and this summary


episode may be important, please do so. Let us begin. Episode one.
First part is an intro to religious, spiritual, visionary experiences


with a quick example and reading from a poem by Saint John
of the Cross. Second part goes into the reason, purpose and


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question I sought to ask, answer and prove. With stories, myths
and scriptures of God found across the face of the Earth, there


must be a way to show this in some way, and if so, what is that way?
The major goal I have is to prove God. The minor and more realistic


one is to prove the experience that has led to belief in God. The mystical
experience of the Beatific Vision. Third part is retelling the mystical
visionary spiritual experience of ascending to the Temple of the Father


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and the key knowledge learned that led to this. I talk about the
Ascension experience at 28 minutes 11 seconds, but it includes


the entire day and everything that led to the religious spiritual vision
later at night. If you just want the knowledge learned and the vision


witnessed, jump to 41 minutes 41 seconds. Episode 2. This episode
continues after the first chronologically and deals with astronomical and/or


00:02:01,970 –> 00:02:35,890

astrological phenomenon seen in the sky at 3:00 AM after the Ascension
visionary experience. I discuss my stance on such things in the process of


retelling what I saw in the sky. This is followed with dreams and dream
Interpretation and how they relate to the previous day. Episode 3.


First part of this episode contains lots of third-party material that I read.
I read what the Catechism of the Catholic Church has to say on the Beatific
Vision since they’re the ones that coined the term.


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The second part contains a brief summary of the phases of a mystic as I
paraphrase the various experiences I’ll talk about and reference throughout


this podcast. If you just want to jump to my overview of the personal
experiences I’ve witnessed, jump to 19 minutes and 24 seconds.


Episode 4. I’ll be honest and when you listen, you’ll agree. I was nervous talking
in the first three episodes even though I was basically reading a script.


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This episode is when I found my happy place in talking about the mysteries.
I explain how the mystic sees the world, how it compares with what neurology


has and is showing and work through differentiating the known and unknown,
especially the True Self versus the false self. Episode 5. First part is describing a


synchronistic event that occurred between the recording of episode four and five.
Carl Jung described synchronicity as meaningful events that occur in life that don’t
appear random but ordered or meant to occur or fated, etc. That is probably a terrible


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summary, but I go deep into the details of what I observed. The second part talks a bit
about my history with science, the experience of vibration, where this term comes from


in the occult work, “The Kybalion,” a bit about the mystical and historical Hermes and a
bit about my questioning the traditions of the Old Testament Bible versus scholarly


work on it and a bit of Akhenaten, the Heretic Pharaoh of Egypt. The third part has me
ramble topic to topic and I wind up reading some Bible stuff and interpreting them from
the lens of a mystic.


00:04:16,740 –> 00:04:45,070

Part four is very serious mystical stuff in describing the Logos, the Word, the Christ,
and how Christ is Christ in the grand scheme of the Trinity and Christian theology.


I’ve never been satisfied with the explanations of the Trinity I’ve heard. I’m honest
about still being somewhat baffled by the Holy Spirit, but I hit a home run in


describing the relationship between Father and Son and how this very clearly
reveals the precision of the words in the Nicene Creed. If you want to jump
straight to that, advance token to GO at 30 minutes and 46 seconds.


00:04:50,600 –> 00:05:28,360

Leave a comment and discuss whether this description of the Logos within the
Trinity was awesome or if it sucked royally. Episode 6. I start where the previous


episode ended speaking about gender. Not physical gender, but the gender of the
mind. Very mystical stuff I explain deeply in my work: “The Vision Explained


Deeper” that you can purchase at logosofexperienceandtruth.com. The specific
sections are the ones on the labyrinth and on nature. Part two has me wander into
the Catholicism versus Protestant argument. Part three gets into what meditating


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gets you, followed by interesting words you can jump to at 7 minutes that begins
discussing the True self and the will of God. Part four wanders through different


topics in the previous episodes, like speaking more on eternity and such. Part five.
This is when I get on topic with discussing the Image of God as described in Genesis.


It does have to do with the first part of the episode when speaking about the gender
of the mind, so you may want to listen to the entire episode to fully understand the
Image of God.


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Part six I do a guided meditation on the uniqueness of you, the listener, having been
made in the Image of God. Jump to minute 20 for this one. Episode 7. Many things


spoken of here. If you’re catching my drift, I was concerned with recording and saying
as much as possible as if these were the only ten episodes I was ever going to record.


I discuss the self, more in depth after having identified what the self would most likely be
In Episode 6. I speak on the Buddhist concept of Anatma, compare that to the Gnostic


ideas and then get much more into the process of self-purgation or the Dark Night of the
Soul, or what I like calling the Desert of the Soul as the process of analyzing the self
against what is not self. This episode also begins a deeper process of reflecting on the


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image that denotes the mystical experience and vision and why I try to focus more on
this common ground versus the differences between religious faiths and ideas. This is


important since at least you as a listener will understand the reasons for my stance on
this especially if you find yourself on the other side of the table. Especially for my


Christian brothers and sisters that say Christ or nothing. If you listen to the overall
trailer for the Logos of Experience and Truth Podcast, you will have heard me say I
always return everything back to Christ.


00:07:29,970 –> 00:08:08,480

There is reason for this. It has to do with understanding the eternal Christ, Word,
Logos, not just Jesus. Again, you can purchase “The Vision Explained Deeper”


on the logosofexperienceandtruth.com for my in-depth analysis of this common
image and decide for yourself and at least be at peace with my having given my


reasons for this stance, even if we remain at opposite ends. I finish with an expose
on understanding self through meditating on what one would die for and relate
that to the apostles and the belief in Christ being raised.


00:08:10,750 –> 00:08:48,130

Episode 8. Part one is a rant on real versus not real and the power of belief and the
stigmatic experiences that the Saints have had. Part 2 speaks about my search for


the Mysteries through being a married person versus some type of religious person
and further inquiries into the nature of gender in the mind. Part three speaks on


paradox and the mystery of the micro and macrocosm and starts at 10 minutes and 18
seconds. Part four speaks on maya, or the illusion of reality the senses create and I
compare this with the scientific experiments of why light is a wave or a particle.


00:08:48,140 –> 00:09:15,990

I wrote a post addressing this since I was still contemplating it after the recording.
Part five is a humorous story about Jesus’s face found on toast. Part six is a rare


political rant since this episode was recorded on November 6th, 2020. It doesn’t get
into politics as you might be expecting, but instead the nature of subliminal messaging,


mind control, media manipulation, et cetera. The Golden Shower ticket starts at 23
minutes 55 seconds.


00:09:18,470 –> 00:09:51,610

Part seven gets to the topic of fact or fiction in the gospel narratives, using the
mystical understandings of seeing what we see. Jump to minute 36 and 22 seconds


to get into the meat and potatoes of this episode that gives a secret on how to read
the gospel texts and how to ask yourself the questions Christ continuously asks the


Apostles in the text and what asking these questions does and reveals to us, the
listener or reader of the text if we ask them of ourselves.


00:09:52,420 –> 00:10:33,100

Episode 9. First part is me rambling about many of the various topics already
discussed but in new ways and with new examples. I also get into creative thought


or manifestation or law of attraction and how it relates to synchronicity with a
few more examples that occurred in the process of recording the episode.


Second part is where I start reimagining Pascal’s Wager by exchanging belief in God and
Punishment or reward at death with belief in the Self. This is obviously using the
summaries of Episodes 4 through 8 to reach this point, so listen to those episodes before


00:10:33,110 –> 00:11:08,780

listening to this one. The talk on Pascal’s Wager starts at 17 minutes and 31 seconds.
Episode 10, Terrible title is all I’ll say, though I do eventually speak about the seed


falling on good soil and interpret that parable mystically. First part, I ramble about
some stuff and then start talking about a conversation with the wife about the True


Self and the great difficulty of finding it in today’s world. Second part compares
this exact difficulty with the gospel story that contrasts Mary and Martha. I then go
in depth with understanding myself when the comparison


00:11:08,850 –> 00:11:41,810

of whether I’m more like Mary or Martha is made. Third part I return to rambling about
Many different things too numerous to enumerate, like how randomness has to be


purposefully inserted into reality, if not all would be random, including the sentence,
words and sounds I am making right now, et cetera. I hope this summary and the


timestamps given for key sections within several of the episodes helps you to navigate
through my recorded mind. For even more details and timestamps if those mentioned


00:11:41,820 –> 00:12:06,360

in this episode are not enough, please click the link in the episode description and listen
with the timestamped show notes available to skip around when I start ranting. Hit


SUBSCRIBE so you can get notified when the 50 new Episodes I’ve recorded are released.
And yes, I am working towards releasing these on a scheduled basis.


And I will leave you with this. Until next time.


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