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Unlocking the Mysteries of the Beatific Vision of God


This section explains the various ways the Beatific Vision has been shown, depicted and described across the centuries within the religion of Islam.


As with the Judaism section, I will gradually be spending less and less time discussing these mysteries within religions I’m not as familiar with out of respect, and especially due to my own ignorance of not actually living within the context of said religion, since in my understanding of the mysteries the cultural unfoldment and saturation of the symbolic world outside of one’s mind greatly informs the religious and spiritual world from within.


I will primarily explain where and how I see the foundational image and symbol of the mystical experience without providing any interpretation of said religion or beliefs.  Obviously, my doing this isn’t meant for those within these differing religions to see and or acknowledge the foundational symbol that unites all under God within their own religion.  But more for those outside of said religion that don’t know how to see the presence of God within the religions and practices of the world that are not one’s own.


I said in my Season One Podcast that I’d continue unfolding the great respect that I have for Islam in order to be able to speak more clearly regarding something I received in my mind after my Ascension experience that had to do with Islam in particular.  This is where I hope to show some of that, though understand that it wasn’t seeing and recognizing this symbol per se that brought this respect.


Also, just in case there are any Muslims that become offended from my even drawing breath and speaking positively regarding a religion not my own, please understand that there will probably be Christians that disagree with or become offended just from my speaking positively about Islam as well.  Unfortunately, well do I know that regardless of what I say the possibility of friction from both sides exists as a potentiality.  So, I do apologize in advance if I offend anybody.  But I am bidden to disclose the form and shape of what is seen in a true mystical vision or experience for the sole purpose of showing that this emerges from the same God, whether that experience is solely in the mind or also physically in the body.  And that’s what I will do.  Not theology and not apologetics, and I hope this is sufficient common ground for People of the Book to converse and share.


As I stated elsewhere, I’m quite rusty on my study of the Quran but I quickly looked it up and, in the Sura Al-Hajj 22:26 are the lines describing the sacred house, and most importantly for delivery of my stated purposes, the circumambulation of the Kaaba during the Hajj.  I’d attempt to say the word for circumambulation in Arabic, but I don’t want to mess it up. . .

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