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Season 3

Episode 31 – Is There a Correct Way to Meditate Beyond the Lotus?
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Episode 31 - Is There a Correct Way to Meditate Beyond the Lotus?


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Beyond the Lotus Position: Finding the Right Meditation Practice for You

In this episode, we dive deep into the world of meditation, exploring whether there is a correct way to meditate and discussing aspects such as time, posture, and breathing. Personal experience is crucial in finding what works best for you, as demonstrated by the example of the Lotus position, which may be suitable for some but not for others.


Establishing a routine and focusing on deep breaths to calm the mind are essential aspects of meditation. We also discuss the importance of transcending rigid rules and discovering your own path in meditation as an aspect of breaking free from the illusion of the world or the maya. Join me as we unlock the mysteries of meditation and find the best approach for you!




  • Personal experience is needed to determine the best path to follow (01:08)
  • Benefits to the Lotus position (03:07)
  • Negatives to the Lotus position (03:37)
  • Personal story of my experience with the Lotus position (04:39)
  • The power of routine (06:41)
  • The Biblical milestone of forty days (07:14)
  • New neural networks form in thirty to forty days (08:24)
  • Focus on your breathing (09:04)
  • The inner battle of Donald Duck (10:01)
  • Meditate to sleep for powerful dreams (10:59)
  • Beware the illusion (11:49)

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