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Episode 09 – Pascal’s Wager
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Episode 09 - Pascal's Wager


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Is Real Synchronicity when Self and God Become One?

What if God was an idea created to teach people how to reach their most inner and true Self? Our thoughts and beliefs about this would put our faith to the test and yet strengthen that same faith as well. If thoughts and beliefs shape our perception of reality, what happens if we pause belief in God and exchange it for belief in the Self using Pascal’s wager?


  • I wrote something in 2009. I read that something in 2020. Later that day what I’d read appeared in another form of media. I was aware of the connections. Chance or synchronicity? Let’s explore the topic of thoughts and beliefs shaping reality further.
  • The belief in God is stripped away and the idea of Self replaced to bring us deeper into the mystery of the mind.
  • Pascal’s wager is reimagined with the belief in Self instead of God.

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  • The strange interplay of the illusion in the mind and what is seen in the external and how much control do we actual have? (00:51)
  • The powers of the aliens in the Dark City movie mirror this idea of the world shaped through the filter of our thoughts and beliefs (01:22)
  • Synchronicity and the response one receives when they take that first step towards something (02:18)
  • Jesus says we can move mountains through faith is the same concept (02:39)
  • Restating the difference between mental worldly thought and faith (03:31)
  • The external manifestation of thought takes time and sacrifice (05:06)
  • The blocks that occur in achieving our goals have to do with ourselves as the spoon-kid says from the Matrix (05:41)
  • Database created of journal writing on these subjects over 20 years (06:55)
  • Reading a raw and unedited journal entry from 2009 that matches the phoenix synchronicity of the day (09:13)
  • Synchronicity appears through kids wanting to watch new Mulan movie that features the phoenix within it (10:54)
  • Recognizing the synchronicity between reading journal entry and watching movie (11:36)
  • Awareness is what’s required to see and experience synchronicity (12:45)
  • Once it is seen in your experience of reality the next question is why (13:33)
  • The answer was synchronous since the movie had to do with the false and real self as the previous podcast episodes have been about (13:58)
  • Quotes from Pulp Fiction about these experiences of synchronicity (14:44)
  • The world changes if we change even if the world doesn’t change (15:36)
  • Where is the cut off on this though? Why don’t all of our thoughts come to reality? (15:50)
  • The magical charm of the law of attraction and saying a million affirmations (16:30)
  • If we don’t know our self, how can we know what we want? (17:28)
  • If the search for self is the search for Christ and vice versa, then belief in self is all that is required to see the logic in Pascal’s Wager (18:32)
  • If the gospels of Christ are purely allegorical and meant to stimulate the search for one’s own self, would they still hold their value? (20:15)
  • Returning to concept of the mystical experience being equivalent to entering into the unconscious mind (21:48)
  • Each religion with its accompanying spiritual practices has produced methods of entering into the unconscious mind if we strip away all supernatural mystical ideas from those practices (23:45)
  • Is God simply the idea that humans came up with that defines the inner most ancient part of the mind and its starting point? (26:10)
  • One has to believe there is a self to search for it within one’s own mind (28:02)
  • The inner sanctum is seen once the layers of conscious and subconscious are peeled away (28:39)
  • Soul is the word that was used to describe this inner sanctum of the self (30:02)
  • The mega-quote from Jesus brought into focus here of gaining the world and losing your soul (self) in the process (31:48)
  • If randomness created the universe, then all is random (33:20)
  • Entire episode summed up with the question of: what did I want to be when I grow up? This is the essence of finding the true self (34:46)
  • When I meditated deeply, I remembered what I’d thought I’d wanted to be at age eight (35:15)
  • That which was lost was found once more (39:10)
  • Paradox of being ourselves all the time and yet also seeking for our true selves (39:51)
  • What the socially connected world tells people they are (41:12)
  • The multitude choose to dwell in ignorance of asking these types of questions (42:27)
  • Pascal’s wager completed with the belief in Self over God exchanged (43:14)
  • Breaking free from only seeing Jesus in his physical nature is what pushes one deeper into these mysteries (46:08)

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