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Podcast Transcript - Podcast Restart

Welcome back to the Logos of Experience and Truth Podcast. This is going to be something a little bit different. I’m gonna call this a podcast restart, restarting the direction that I was aiming at with this, and I’ll try and explain it in this one. And obviously this is gonna be a much different free flowing, freestyled not scripted episode versus the previous episodes that I’ve had.


I have been primarily concerned with my credibility as someone capable of speaking on what are called the mysteries. I haven’t even explained what those are, just as I haven’t explained the title of the podcast, what the Logos is. I haven’t explained what unlocking the mysteries or the Beatific vision really are.


And again, the reason for this is . . . I was very concerned with establishing my credibility because for me, when reading on the mysteries, when studying the mysteries, when hearing about different experiences that people had, because I had had a mystical experience at a very young age, at age 19, I know what I saw. I knew what I experienced, and so when I would hear and read about people, talking about this or talking about that, when they didn’t explain any type of religious, spiritual, otherworldly experience that they had, it simply struck me as they’re either a very learned person and have simply studied it, but have actually not experienced anything, or they have no idea what they’re actually talking about.


Because of that, I remained very aware and skeptical of anything that I read because those were those finer details that I personally was looking for. Again, because of the fact that I had an experience when I was 19 years old, and even though it was a drug experience I was still very skeptical of my own experience.


What was a drug experience? Why did I experience the specific things that I had experienced? But then other drug people had experienced different things. And then how were they the same? How were they different from a religious experience? And again, what is the experience in general? So because of that, the first season of episodes that I put on here was in kind of an overview of my experiences and kind of different things I’ve learned, and then I got really technical into, for instance, the Logos and Christ.


How to interpret the Trinity, of what that is, especially when you reflect on knowledge of the self. And so, I dove really in depth with that. And again, it’s like I hadn’t even established what are the mysteries or what is the beatific vision and how else can I understand these things beyond a Christian vantage point.


For instance, the Beatific vision is the Christian method of describing the mystical experience, right? So, you can say mystical experience, and it’s somewhat synonymous with Beatific vision and just Beatific vision is the way the Christian experience has been shown, described, and seen, et cetera.


So, I’m really trying to reframe what I’ve done, dive in deeper into the topics. Gonna try and keep these episodes much shorter, especially since I’m thinking more in terms of why is this important. And most importantly, why is this important to you? Now I answered these things throughout the various 15 hours of audio that I’ve already done. I’ve already done a season two, another ten episodes. But again, it’s still more just diving into the personal stuff. My experience when I was nineteen, the experience that I’ve had, becoming spiritually adept, I guess? Meditating, having a practice, learning, understanding the failures, the successes, all that kind of stuff is what these ten season two episodes are.


I haven’t even posted them yet. I’m already recording this, so I still actually don’t know if this is going to be season three. . . season four, because I had a whole other season three, another ten episodes already kind of planned out. But I’m really seeing that I have to make these smaller. I’m a very wordy thinking, nerdy, meditational person, and it’s not that I’m assuming that somebody listening to this has no idea what I’m talking about, but I’m thinking more in terms of how does this benefit somebody? So how has it benefited me and how can this benefit somebody else? Because I think that’s really why you as a listener are diving into this, right? I mean, if you even clicked on the link of, what is this podcast? It says religious, it says spiritual, something on that order, philosophic, well, what is this actually referring to and why does it matter?


So, for instance, I recently have restudied some of Plato, some of Aristotle. Obviously within that is Socrates, right? But when you read any of those ancient philosophies, they usually give a why, why is this important? Um, Socrates is well known for asking those why, those why questions, those big questions, or why or what if questions, for instance of, not what if, what is. Socrates is well known for asking the what is question, right? What is virtue? What is courage, what is et cetera. And they’re very difficult things to ponder. They were difficult then, they’re still difficult now.


So, in terms of understanding what these mysteries are, I have my own vantage point of how I’ve developed understanding these things. So that’s what I’m gonna try and focus on in the remaining episodes of what is all this about? Why is it important? Why do I think it’s important to learn? Why was it important for me to learn? That’s what I’ve been primarily focused with. Again, as I said, from a credibility standpoint. But why do I think it’s important for you, the listener, listening to what I have to say about the Logos, the mysteries, the Beatific vision are.  And we’ll dive deeper into that.


Again, I’m gonna be keeping these episodes shorter so that I can try and keep a focus, because again, my, my mind bounces from one thing to the next, and unfortunately that’s just the way I am. This is actually very difficult for me, to be honest, to keep it short, keep it tidy. I probably should have kept studying poetry, for instance, when I was younger, but I hated it, because I liked getting into wordy, deep, massive paragraphs with endless run-on sentences, and that’s just how my whole mind has been framed. So, this is actually a very difficult thing for me to do, but it is what I am going to be trying to do so that I can keep it short, keep you interested, and especially teach, show, recommend why any of this type of stuff is important. What it does to you as a person, what it does inside of your mind.  That these methods, these teachings are essentially, how one unlocks themselves, how one unlocks their mind, and that that’s essentially the underlying foundational reason for studying any of, again, what are called the mysteries or mysticism or esoteric teachings, or those deeper monastic teachings from, especially in the Western religions. That is why they are important. They unlock you. They unlock your mind. And obviously that’s a whole concept of, well, aren’t I already unlocked? And, and again, I already addressed some of that kind of stuff, but I will try and focus deeper on this and be more focused on specific topics.


Until next time here at the Logos of Experience and Truth Podcast.

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