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Season 3

Episode 38 – Manifestation Gone Wrong in Ancient Myth
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Episode 38 - Manifestation Gone Wrong in Ancient Myth


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Power and Peril of Manifestation: Lessons from Ancient Myths

In this thought-provoking episode, we explore the concept of manifestation, creative thought, and the law of attraction through the lens of ancient myths. The myths of Eos and Phaeton are explored as allegories for teaching the lesson of being careful what you wish that is the underlying and never spoken of danger in utilizing manifestation, creative thought, or the law of attraction in obtaining one’s desires and wishes magically. There are always unforeseen consequences in attempting these types of practices.


I reveal my own personal experience using manifestation that I compare and liken to the myth and idea that surrounds the philosopher’s stone, that legendary substance that could grant one whatever they desired. The experience showed me how powerfully the world can be changed, but also, the unforeseen consequences that arose from its use. Join us for an enlightening conversation that will challenge your understanding of manifestation and creative thought.




  • Using mythology to understand manifestation in the myth of Eos/Aurora (00:34)
  • Deeper lesson in manifestation is to be careful what you wish for (05:56)
  • You can’t outwit the devil (06:55)
  • Risk of madness from doing manifestation wrong (07:31)
  • Myth of Phaeton to discuss errors in judgment when seeking manifestation (09:01)
  • Stories of the genie are the same thing: consequences from wishes (10:44)
  • Reason for these episodes due to the consequences I faced when using the Philosopher’s Stone to manifest (14:55)

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