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Season 2

Episode 15 – Experiencing the Mystery
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Episode 15 - Experiencing the Mystery


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Experiencing the Mystery of Mind, Body and Soul

In this episode I provide five different experiences of the mystery of the ensouled human, each entirely removed from any possible drug use from the past that may have still been circulating within my mind and body. None of these experiences of the mystery are as grandiose as the near-death experience spoken of in the first and second episodes of this season, but each of them conveys the deepening or widening of the mental faculties in understanding that which is called spiritual or mystical and being observant of all that is occurring within and without. Topics range from the Christian and Protestant confusion, Native American sweat lodge, Masonic meditation lodge and trust walking in West LA. Join me in this episode as we dive deeper into the mystery.


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  • Deeper intonations of the infancy of knowledge and confusion regarding Catholicism and Protestantism since Episcopal Church I went to had a Contemplative Prayer group that focused on the work of St. John of the Cross (01:39)
  • Learning that God puts believers to the test (03:00)
  • Story of two Christian demons descending upon me as I walk through the darkened streets of Santa Monica (03:54)
  • Things seen from this point are entirely from a drug free mind (04:56)
  • Understanding the near-death experience as some type of mystical experience begins to form in my mind around this time (06:18)
  • The next spiritual experience story about attending a Native American sweat lodge up in the Santa Monica mountains begins (07:52)
  • Description of the sweat lodge experience itself begins (09:51)
  • Out-of-body experience during the Native American sweat lodge (12:26)
  • The highest high upon exiting the Native American sweat lodge (13:50)
  • Third experience of the mystery begins, this one having to do with self-healing from acne (14:42)
  • Meditation helped to narrow down the root of the acne issue in my mind and allowed me to develop a new self-image (16:04)
  • The number of days it took for the acne to clear up in the self-healing (18:38)
  • Fourth spiritual experience story begins, and it has to do with secret societies and conspiracies (19:40)
  • Stumbling upon the local Masonic lodge on Venice Beach Blvd and returning to it for a guided meditation night (21:11)
  • Expansion of the mind and entering into the occult and New Age materials (22:19)
  • The Presence of the Lord as I’ve spoken of it and as it’s spoken of in the Bible as the way the mind symbolizes the crossing of threshold into the spiritual realm (23:13)
  • What turned me off and away from the Masonic Lodge (25:50)
  • Fifth experience and warning for the spiritually curious wanting to experience or test out synchronicity after something I tested out (27:37)

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